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Man Involved In AEW Fight Says All Out 2022 Incident Will Be On Dark Side Of The Ring

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Below are some top WWE & AEW news stories of the day, involving Ace Steel and CM Punk.

• CM Punk’s good friend and former AEW Producer Ace Steel was a part of the backstage fight at the All Out 2022 pay-per-view.

While he can’t talk about what exactly happened on that night, Steel told Rip Rogers the following:

“I worked with a lot of great people, some great, some not so much. Family still exists in this business, there are things none of us can say, and none of us will, you know, I think my wife’s the only one who could probably tell the story since she was there. Maybe someday.

You don’t f**k with family. We came out just fine. You might hear something; I’m sure it’s gonna be on f**king Dark Side of the Ring someday; I laughed at the time, going, ‘All this s**t’s gonna be on Dark Side of the Ring someday,’ you know, someone’s going to want to know.”

• According to PWInsider, backstage at WWE, even individuals who may not have liked CM Punk in the past acknowledge that he has been pleasant recently.

Reports suggest that Punk has been jovial, relaxed, happy, and engaging in friendly banter with others.

While there’s a cautious note that his previous contentious persona could resurface over time, especially as the initial positive phase subsides, so far, he has been well-received by everyone.

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