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Mark Henry Reacts To Big Show’s Claim That John Cena Was Stronger Than Him

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Mark Henry, in his prime, was most certainly one of the strongest human beings on Earth and there haven’t been many wrestlers in pro-wrestling history that came even close to his strength, with the exceptions of Bill Kazmaier, Ted Arcidi, Dino Bravo and Ken Patera.

Henry holds multiple records in powerlifting, with the following official competition numbers:

Squat – 953.5 lbs (432.5 kg)

Deadlift – 903.9 lbs (410 kg)

Sure, John Cena was incredibly strong as well and is up there as one of the strongest WWE Stars of the past 20 years, no doubt about that, but he was nowhere near as strong as Henry.

When WWF/WWE Legend The Big Show claimed that Cena was actually stronger than Mark, the former Nation of Domination member reacted to it on a recent episode of the ‘Insight’ podcast.

Here’s what ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ said:

“How are you gonna say John Cena is stronger than me? Because he’s more over than me?

But if it came to strength for strength, like there’s nobody else on the planet that compares to the things that I’ve done.”

Mark then spoke about once being disrespected by legendary WWF/WWE promoter Vince McMahon, which led to him almost quitting his job.

Here’s what Mark Henry had to say:

“I felt disrespected, I feel trivialized. Out of all the work that I did, like all of the sacrificing, and you people say ‘Oh, you got paid a lot of money’.

You know what, man, I didn’t get paid enough money to dummy down my pride and my respect as a man. Ain’t no price for that.

And when that happened, I felt like ‘Okay, I’m expendable, I’m useless to them. They don’t respect me’.

Being that I am a man and that I was able to say my piece to Vince and everybody involved, like ‘Just know who I am, because that won’t ever happen again. If it does, like us talking will not be an option. And I quit’.”

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