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Mark Henry Recalls Hanging Up On Vince McMahon

In a recent interview with The Mirror, former World Champion Mark Henry talked about his favorite moment in Pro-Wrestling & a story of Vince McMahon calling him in the 1990s. Below are the highlights:

On his favorite moment in Pro-Wrestling:

“I think my favorite in-ring moment, it really didn’t have anything to do with me. One of my favorite in-ring moments was seeing Hulk Hogan and The Rock go face to face [at WrestleMania 18]. It gave me something because I felt the connection because The Rock was my brother and as a child I grew up idolizing Hulk Hogan.

It was the future and the past coming together. It was something where I just stood there in amazement, just like everybody else. It was like five or six minutes where they just stood there and looked at each other and the crowd cheered. That was one of my favorite moments.”

Vince McMahon attempting to sign him to a WWF contract:

“I didn’t believe that it was actually him who called me, so I hung up on him! I thought it was one of my friends who was playing a joke. He did call me back and this time he said ‘what happened?’ and I was like, ‘is this really Vince McMahon?’ We talked for about five or 10 minutes and he appreciated the fact that as I’ve mentioned, I was a fan of the industry, and I was a winner. He thought I would be a natural at it.”

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