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Matt Hardy On What His TNA Appearance Means For His Rumored WWE Return

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At Saturday’s TNA Rebellion pay-per-view, WWF Tag Team Legend Matt Hardy made an unexpected return, shocking both fans and fellow wrestlers alike. Hardy, whose contract with AEW had expired, chose TNA as the stage for his comeback, adding another chapter to his storied career.

The electrifying moment occurred after Moose successfully defended the TNA World Title against Nic Nemeth (fka Dolph Ziggler) in a thrilling main event match. As the crowd basked in the aftermath of the intense showdown, the arena plunged into darkness. Suddenly, the eerie laughter synonymous with “Broken” Matt Hardy echoed throughout the venue, setting a spine-tingling atmosphere.

When the lights flickered back on, there stood Matt Hardy, poised and ready for action, much to the astonishment of everyone present. In a swift and decisive move, Hardy unleashed his signature Twist of Fate on Moose, seizing the moment and leaving an indelible mark on the event.

You can watch it below:

The audience erupted into applause and cheers, acknowledging the return of a wrestling icon to the TNA ring. Matt’s symbolic gesture of hoisting the TNA World Title high above his head signaled his intent to reclaim his position at the pinnacle of the promotion.

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However, amidst the excitement, speculation arose about Matt Hardy’s contractual status with TNA. Responding to a fan’s inquiry on Twitter, Hardy clarified that he remains a free agent, retaining the freedom to make appearances as he sees fit.

This revelation hints at the transient nature of his involvement with TNA, leaving fans curious about the duration of his stint with the promotion.

Here’s what the former Mattitude leader replied to fan who asked if he has signed with TNA:

“No. I’m a free agent. I will appear when I want to appear.”

Prior to last night’s TNA appearance, Hardy was teasing a return to WWE to be a part of the Uncle Howdy / Wyatt 6 storyline. However, it looks like Hardy is going to work with TNA for the foreseeable future, at least until the Slammiversary PPV on July 20th, unless WWE works out a partnership with TNA, which they have done before (most recently at Royal Rumble 2024, where TNA Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace entered the Women’s Royal Rumble match).

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