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Matt Hardy Pitched A Big Match Idea During The Attitude Era

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• Matt Hardy Pitched A Big Match Idea During The Attitude Era

During a recent episode of his ‘The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy’ podcast, Matt revealed that after the No Mercy 1999 tag team ladder match, he pitched the idea of a feud between D-Generation X against The Hardy Boyz and Edge & Christian.

Here’s what the former Mattitude leader said:

“Going forward, I actually pitched, initially, my idea was to have us together as a group and work against DX. I wanted our group to be Version 1 of the Hardyz and Edge & Christian. That’s initially where I came up with the Version 1 concept.

We were like the version one of the prototypes of wrestlers that you would see in the future. That didn’t end up happening, what ended up happening obviously, Edge & Christian would turn heel and we would continue our feud and go onto TLCs and whatnot.

As far as that night goes and having that mutual respect, it was the right call. There is a look on my face where you see my eyes come up and they are opening wide, I was overwhelmed that the crowd gave us that big of a standing ovation 24 hours after our match. I was emotional.

That look you see wasn’t working or manufactured. I couldn’t believe the people were applauding us to that level and so appreciative of our hard work and us busting our a$$ for them the night before.”

Matt Hardy left WWE on March 2, 2020 and joined Tony Khan’s All Elite two weeks later, where he’s currently waiting for his brother Jeff to possibly join him again and reunite the legendary Hardy Boyz tag team.

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January 13, 1969 – July 18, 2007

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