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Matt Hardy Says WWE Rejected His “Broken Block” Idea To Put Over Underutilized Wrestlers

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• Matt Hardy Says WWE Rejected His “Broken Block” Idea To Put Over Underutilized Wrestlers

During a recent interview with PWInsider, Matt Hardy revealed his “Broken Block” idea that WWE officials rejected.

Below is what Hardy said:

“They were still actively looking to sign me or looking forward for anything to do with Edge. I mean it was hard and I was set that if I was gonna stay there then I was gonna be Broken Matt because during that time when Jeff was gone in the last 10 or 11 months I submitted so many ideas that I thought were great things you know.

For instance, one of the ideas I gave them — because they have so much content…3 hours or RAW, 2 hours of SmackDown. I wanted to do something for 15 minutes. I wanted to come out and address the authority when they did the thing where they said they’ll listen to the fans over a year ago, right?

My idea was I was gonna address these guys and have a dialogue with them and they were gonna say what do you want do you want your release, do you want to be fired?

I’d say no I wanna stay on the show because I think you’re going back on your word and I just want 15 minutes of the show called the Broken Block and I wanna take guys like Ali, Chad Gable, Apollo [Crews], guys who don’t get used much and take them and have bada$$ matches and actually I’d go away for a while and come back as Broken Matt I had all these things planned out.

I didn’t want to be the champion. I wanted to do all these things to help other guys. You know and a little variety to help the show as well.”

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