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Matt Riddle Became A Liability, Says WWE Commentator

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Former United States Champion & RAW Tag Team Champion Matt Riddle has been released from WWE.

Riddle confirmed this news by tweeting the following:

“Just wanted to inform everyone that I’m no longer with WWE. Thank you for the memories and opportunities also thank you to all the fans for the support and love you give me every time I go out to the ring. See you all soon 🤙”

Riddle recently alleged that he was sexually assaulted at the JFK Airport in Queens, New York.

He was sent into rehab after violating WWE’s Wellness Policy twice last year and returned on the RAW after WrestleMania 39 earlier this year.

WWE didn’t have any solid plans for Riddle since his return, and he had subtly expressed his disappointment over his booking in the company on social media a few times.

Fightful Select reported the following about Riddle’s release from WWE:

“Those we’ve spoken to claimed that since then, Riddle was not factored into immediate creative plans. He was doing some grappling training per usual this week, and was said to be in good spirits before his release. However, one WWE higher up said that he burned through too many chances while in WWE.”

2-Time WWE Hall of Famer and current NXT commentator Booker T said the following about Riddle’s release on his podcast:

“We were just talking about Riddle and what did I say that day? I said that’s only going to be tolerated so much. I think I said something like that. You know, you can get away with that kind of stuff only for so long.

It catches up with you because then you become a liability. You don’t want people in the news for negative reasons. That’s the last thing you want. The last thing you need is having someone in the news for negative purposes.”

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