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“Matt Riddle reminds me of a male stripper” – WWE Hall Of Famer

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During an interview on The Wrestling Time Machine, WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long talked about attending the Draft of RAW & SmackDown recently.

Teddy met Matt Riddle backstage and had the following to say about The Original Bro:

“Me and Matt talked a little bit. I love Matt Riddle. He kind of reminds me of a male stripper.

I’ve watched him come down and boy, those women’s eyes are glued in on him. He’s like half n*ked as he’s going to the ring.

He has a great body, he looks great, and he looks the part.”

Speaking of Riddle, his private video showing his junk got leaked online while this week’s RAW was going on. This is the reason he was trending on Twitter.

While Riddle didn’t appear on RAW, he was interviewed by Cathy Kelley on RAW Talk and he obviously made no mention of the leaks.

A fan sent Riddle the leaked video in a message. The screenshot of their conversation was posted online as well.

You can read it below:

Fan: Riddle what have you done now

Riddle: Where did you get this?

Fan: It’s all over Twitter and a $ex tape

Matt Riddle's Reaction To Leaked Private Video

In an update on this situation, this video wasn’t leaked by hackers, but by the person who Riddle sent this to on Snapchat. There are ways to record videos on Snapchat without alerting the user who sent it.

Riddle thought his video would go away after 24 hours (as that’s what happens on Snapchat), but the person who received the video recorded it and leaked it online.

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