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Matt Riddle Says He Was Set To Win The Men’s Royal Rumble 2022, Claims Brock Lesnar Changed The Plan

Brock Lesnar Matt Riddle Backstage Confrontation WWE Royal Rumble 2020

During his live session with Signed By Superstars, former WWE Superstar Matt Riddle claimed that he was originally scheduled to win the Men’s Royal Rumble 2022 match.

He also went on to claim that Brock Lesnar (the eventual winner of the match) changed the plans.

Here’s what Riddle said:

“I was told at one point I was going to win the Rumble and then Bobby Lashley beat Brock Lesnar, hit him with the belt.

Brock came in, didn’t want to do business with everybody and said he was winning. Nobody stood up to him. I didn’t either.”

Speaking of Brock Lesnar and Matt Riddle, Lesnar isn’t a fan of Riddle. Backstage at Royal Rumble 2020, Lesnar confronted Riddle regarding talking about wanting to retire him in interviews, and made it clear that he’ll never work with him.

Despite never wanting to work with Riddle, Lesnar had to spend a few seconds with him in the ring.

During the 2022 Men’s Royal Rumble match, Riddle jumped on Lesnar, which resulted in Lesnar quickly throwing Riddle out of the ring.

In the Elimination Chamber 2022 match for the WWE Championship, Lesnar did a face-off with everyone before entering his pod, except Riddle. When Lesnar and Riddle went at it during the match, Lesnar went for the F5 straight away and pinned Riddle.

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