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Mercedes Mone Reveals How She Felt After Fans Called Her “Unsafe” Due To The Saraya Incident

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At a WWE Live Event in December 2017, Mercedes Mone (then known as Sasha Banks) kicked Saraya (then known as Paige) in the neck, which hurt Saraya and she couldn’t get up. This happened a year after she underwent neck surgery.

This incident forced Saraya to retire from in-ring competition. She eventually ended up coming out of retirement in 2022 in AEW.

During an interview on Hot 97, Mercedes talked about fans calling her ‘unsafe’ after this incident and what her reaction was.

Here’s what the TBS Women’s Champion & NJPW STRONG Women’s Champion said:

“I was so depressed by it. That definitely sent me on a spiral of depression because wrestling has always been my biggest goal and dream, and I’ve always wanted to be the greatest at it.

So to hear any kinda noise that people might not think you’re safe, it wasn’t even the boys in the back; it’s just the fans thinking you’re not safe. It’s scary sometimes, but that’s the business that we’re in.

You never know when you’re gonna get hurt or when you’re gonna sprain something, break a neck, break a knee; it’s just business.

You have to go out there knowing that you’re gonna put your life on the line, but we do everything we can to protect each other, and unfortunately, that happened.”

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