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Mercedes Mone’s Rumored AEW Debut Date

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The wrestling world is buzzing with speculation as the anticipation builds around Mercedes Mone’s (Sasha Banks) potential move to AEW.

According to a report by Sean Ross Sapp and Andrew Zarian, the question seems to be not if, but when, the former WWE Women’s Champion will make her AEW debut.

The rumors gained momentum after AEW owner Tony Khan teased a big announcement on next week’s Dynamite. While the details of the announcement were not explicitly revealed, there is strong belief that it might involve the signing of Mercedes Mone or the announcement of a Boston date for Dynamite, where Mone could make her anticipated debut.

Although not confirmed that her signing will be explicitly mentioned, sources suggest that the announcement is connected to Mercedes Mone’s imminent appearance in AEW.

The plan, as understood by some talent and those close to Mone, is for her to make her AEW debut in March, likely on the March 6th episode of Dynamite after the Revolution PPV. However, the exact timing of her in-ring wrestling debut for the company remains unclear.

WWE reportedly knew around December 29th that they would not be signing Mone after failed negotiations, and she likely would have been unable to perform at the Royal Rumble in any case.

While it’s strongly suggested that Mercedes Mone has been signed with AEW for weeks, no official confirmation has been provided.

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