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Michael Cole Enjoyed CM Punk’s WWE Return (Video)

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Below are some top WWE news coming out of tonight’s Survivor Series 2023 premium live event.

• According to PWInsider, Drew McIntyre reportedly displayed visible anger and frustration after the Men’s War Games Match at Survivor Series.

He stormed out of the ring, slammed his locker room door, put on a hoodie, and promptly left the Allstate Arena.

Despite the clear expression of displeasure, the reason for McIntyre’s frustration is unknown at this time, leading to speculation and discussion among those who witnessed the incident.

• CM Punk and Randy Orton returned at tonight’s WWE Survivor Series 2023 PLE.

World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins wasn’t happy to see Punk return. He was seen shouting “F**k you” at Punk while throwing middle fingers and had to be held back. You can watch the following footage that wasn’t shown during the PLE:

• In the following fan footage from a different angle, you can see Rollins throwing the World Title away as soon as Punk’s music hit, while Michael Cole was seen enjoying Punk’s theme music:

• During the Survivor Series post-show press conference, Triple H revealed that CM Punk’s return came together very quickly and it’s been a long time coming. Positive or negative, people talk about CM Punk. He’s a conversation starter and it’s tough to look past that.

If the fans want it then let’s go, we’ll figure out the rest of it. This came together super quick, which is why it was kept very quiet. Everybody changes and it’s been 10 years. Both of them are different human beings now and it’s a different company now.

They are all thrilled to have him back in WWE, where he belongs.

When asked if TKO pushed for CM Punk’s return, Triple H said there has been zero push and very few people knew about it. HHH said the top people at TKO probably got shocked while watching tonight’s show.

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