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Michael Elgin Arrested (Details)

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• Michael Elgin Arrested (Details)

Former NJPW, Impact Wrestling and ROH wrestler Michael Elgin was arrested on June 29 for violating a protective order.

Elgin’s ex-fiancee filed this protection order in May after breaking up with Elgin in April.

She claims that Elgin violated the order multiple times, by trying to contact her through alias names and email addresses, and even attempted to get in touch with her through her mother.

She stated that she was abused mentally, verbally, and emotionally during this relationship.

Due to Elgin’s size, she felt like she could not say no to various sexual acts that Elgin wanted to have. She said she was intimidated by him and always feared he could get violent due to his use of anabolic steroids.

The following statement was included in the Police report:

“I had a plan to leave a few times before but always backed out from fear. Since I left I have received hundreds of phone calls, hundreds of text messages, numerous videos, and suicide threats from him. He has also reached out to my friends and family.

Whenever I or someone he has reached out to block him, he uses the free text/calling apps to make a fake number and continues calling and texting. Sometimes saying it is him, sometimes pretending to be other people. I have asked him not to contact me numerous times.

Since I’ve been in a relationship with the respondent I have suffered sexual, mental, emotional, and verbal abuse from him. Abuse included:

– punishment for saying no to sex

– berating me verbally in public

– berating me verbally in private

– isolating me from my friends and family

– monitoring my phone and computer to see if I am complying – extreme control

– sexual caretaking

– pressure to engage in sex acts I expressed not wanting to do

– exposing my sexual health by seeing male and female sex workers during our relationship

– insulting and shaming me

– intimidation

I recently found out he has been texting me our entire relationship from different fake numbers pretending to be people from my past and saying nasty things about me. I believe this was used along with many other tactics of control and manipulation to break me down and keep me under his control.”

She went on to issue the following statement on her website:

“I respect everyone’s sexuality but it should be noted that men and women are people he goes after, not only women. The warning is for everyone, not just for women. He used threats of suicide many times after I left.

A couple of girls have reached out to me since I left and told me the same stories, as [Frobel’s ex-wife] Rachel can tell you as well. He’s continuing to threaten suicide as a manipulation tactic.”

Elgin was suspended from Impact Wrestling in June 2020 due to sexual assault allegations.

Below is his mugshot photo:

Michael Elgin Mugshot July 2021

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February 1, 1942 – July 14, 2018

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