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Mick Foley Forced A Promoter To Go To Grandmother’s House

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During an episode of his weekly ‘Foley Is Pod’ podcast, WWF Legend Mick Foley shared a story from back in the day, when he wrestled at a show that only drew 25 fans into the arena.

The promoter told Foley that he would be getting paid by the money they make from the gate.

When Mick mentioned that there weren’t enough people there to pay him from that, so the promoter claimed he could always go to his grandmother’s house to get more money, and that’s exactly what Foley told him to do.

Here’s what the former 3-time WWF Champion said on the podcast:

“It was as close to being a gangster that I’ve ever been pressuring this guy to drive to his grandmother’s house for a sweaty wad of bills.”

During his long, illustrious career, the 2013 WWE Hall of Famer wrestled for several major promotions, including:

– Vince McMahon’s World Wrestling Federation (WWF)

– Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling (WCW)

– Paul Heyman’s Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW)

– Dixie Carter’s Total Nonstop Action! (TNA / IMPACT Wrestling).

His most famous gimmicks were Cactus Jack (WCW, ECW, WWF), Mankind (WWF) and Dude Love (WWF), but he also wrestled as himself quite a bit.

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