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MJF Goes Off On Veterans Criticizing Young Wrestlers

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Respected for his quick rise to stardom, AEW World Champion MJF has often been compared to WWF Legend ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper.

Recently, Maxwell Jacob Friedman called out pro wrestling veterans who criticize young, talented wrestlers with less experience, thus advocating for the newer generation to stand their ground.

MJF tweeted the following:

“If you’ve been at a job for a small number of years but at a high level for a majority of it.

You don’t have to listen to dumb m********* that talk down to you and say they know better because they’ve been at the job for a large number of years but at a low level for a majority of it.

Respect everyone.

But don’t let anyone son you, ever.”

A fan then falsely assumed that the champion included Jerry Lynn in this conversation and asked on Twitter:

“Jerry Lynn never reached your level. Do you dismiss him?”

MJF then replied in a Tweet of his own:

“I wouldn’t call WWE/WCW/TNA/ECW/ROH/ GWF low level.

Study the sport you love.”

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