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The match begins and Orton is looking to hit an RKO from the get-go. Jinder is working on Orton’s knee. They are brawling at the ringside area and Orton hits a backdrop on Jinder of the fan barricade.

Jinder loses control and falls on the lap of the Old School Legends that are seated at the ringside area. Mahal comes back into the match and drops Orton knee first on the announce table and on the edge of a barricade.

With two time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair seated ringside, Mahal locks-in the Figure 4 Leglock on Randy!

After good back and forth action, Orton & Mahal are now exchanging shots and Orton hits a big uppercut and his getting big cheers from his hometown crowd.

Orton nails his vintage DDT from the middle rope and it looks like Orton is hearing voices in his head!

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