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All men are brawling on the outside and there’s no ladder in the ring yet. Kevin Owens is the first one to bring the ladder into the ring in this match and attacks Styles & Zayn with it.

Owens is on the top rope now and is thinking about jumping on his opponents outside the ring, but Zayn takes advantage and slams Owens on top of a ladder.

Styles & Corbin are now fighting on the top of a ladder and Ziggler comes in and knocks off Styles and is now looking to unhook the briefcase.

However, Corbin pulls him down and he’s the one now trying to unhook the briefcase, but Ziggler climbs up and hits a Zig-Zag on Corbin from the top of the ladder!

Zayn instead of unhooking the briefcase, hits a sunset flip powerbomb on Ziggler from the top of the ladder! Ziggler is in a lot of pain and is busted open!

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