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Moose Talks About WWE Not Offering Him A Contract

In a recent interview with The News Hub, Ring of Honor sensation Moose talked about shifting to Professional Wrestling from NFL, his WWE tryout, ROH wrestlers that have helped him and more. Below are the highlights from the interview:

How his NFL training helped in pro wrestling:

“I would say that basically the discipline. Waking up early, going to work out, and making sure you’re eating right, making sure you’re getting your proper rest, making sure you’re patient. That’s probably the biggest thing that’s helped me out, thus far from football with wrestling.”

Who has helped him the most:

“Those three guys (Jay Lethal and the Briscoes) were definitely a few of the people that have helped me. You definitely have Kevin Kelly, who has been really supportive since day one. You have Brutal Bob Evans, who has been a great friend of mine and he has definitely been supportive and helpful in my progression. You have guys like Adam Cole that I talk to when I need some advice. You have Bobby Fish, Colt Bower, George, I mean there are a bunch of names that I could throw out there but the thing about Ring of Honor that a lot of people don’t know is its different from a lot of wrestling promotions or at least I think it’s different from a lot of wrestling promotions because this is the only real wrestling promotion that I’ve worked for but we’re like a tight knit group here like a family in other words and we try to help each other out we always watch each other’s matches and tell people and tell each other what we could have done to be better and what you should have had done so I mean right there is one thing I’m sure every other company doesn’t do that’s why I believe we have the best wrestling on the planet.”

His WWE tryouts:

“I’ve had tryouts with them (WWE) actually more than the one but I’ve had tryouts with them and it was just one of those things where I just felt comfortable with where I was at. I’m not saying that WWE is not somewhere I wouldn’t want to work at some point in my career because it is. Every wrestler in the world would tell you that. That the WWE is somewhere they would want to work at, at some point in their career. But I felt comfortable staying where I was currently at. I’m not saying there they even offered anything, I’m just saying that it’s just one of those things where I looked at what I had in front of me and where I wanted to go I felt that right now that staying with Ring of Honor was the best choice for me. Like I said, not that WWE ever offered me anything because they didn’t. With what I had in front of me and the choices and the options available to me, staying in Ring of Honor was the best possible choice.”

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