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More Bad News Might Be Coming For Vince McMahon

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Janel Grant’s allegations against Vince McMahon have uncovered a troubling pattern of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and a culture of secrecy within the WWE.

In the aftermath of McMahon’s resignation from all roles within TKO, including TKO Executive Chairman and the TKO Board of Directors, the details of NDAs involving McMahon have come to light. Grant’s lawsuit alleges that McMahon coerced her into engaging in sexual activities and shared explicit photos, implicating not only McMahon but also a former WWE/UFC Champion.

This is not the first time McMahon has faced such controversies. Last year, he stepped down from his position within the company due to a hush money scandal, where it was revealed that he paid over $12 million to four women over a 16-year period to suppress allegations of sexual misconduct and infidelity.

In addition, the WWE was investigating a confidential $3 million settlement related to an alleged affair between McMahon and an employee. McMahon was subpoenaed by federal agents in August 2023 concerning these payments.

Ann Callis, Janel Grant’s attorney, shed light on the potential for more victims to come forward due to the allegations and the civil lawsuit. Callis mentioned that her office has been flooded with individuals wanting to share their experiences and testify against the culture of corruption within the WWE. She explained that filing the lawsuit was a careful and systematic process, designed to reveal the truth against a corporate giant like WWE.

In response to queries about whether others might join the lawsuit or possess knowledge of McMahon’s alleged actions, Callis shared insights. Grant’s information, she stated, is not more extensive than what the public knows about NDAs. However, the hope is that by Grant coming forward, she will inspire other victims to share their stories, find their voices, seek justice, and hold Vince McMahon and the WWE accountable for any potential wrongdoing.

Ann Callis concluded, “We are going against the WWE, a multi-million dollar corporation who turned a blind eye to what was happening there to Janel. Our hope is, and her hope is, by coming out, by stepping forward, by bringing this complaint and putting her face to this complaint, that other victims of Vince McMahon and the WWE will end up becoming public, and she wants to help them find their voice and get justice, and she thinks and hopes by doing this she will.”

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