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Nailz Shares His Side Of The Story About His Attack On Vince McMahon In 1992

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In 1992, WWF Superstar Nailz confronted Vince McMahon about his SummerSlam 1992 paycheck, while The Berzerker was watching the door.

Nailz allegedly attacked McMahon and even tried to strangle him, but once the fight was broken up, Nailz knew he would be fired from the WWF, so he instantly (falsely) accused McMahon of touching him inappropriately.

Earlier that year, the FBI initiated two investigations against the WWF regarding both the s*x scandal and the steroid scandal, so Nailz probably thought it was a good plan to accuse the Chairman of trying to harass him, in order to sue the company afterwards. Unfortunately for Nailz, all charges were eventually dropped.

While speaking in a Highspots TV exclusive, Nailz gave his side of what happened during the incident.

When asked if the incident had anything to do with his payment, he responded:

“Usually, a guy wouldn’t quit or have problem with the ownership of a business if he was happy with what he was getting paid. On that aspect, that kind of sums it up there.”

According to Bruce Prichard, Nailz called McMahon at his home and Bruce picked up. McMahon allegedly said that he would talk to Nailz at the TV taping.

However, Nailz denied Prichard’s claim.

“Never happened. I don’t even know his (Vince’s) number.”

Jimmy Hart claimed that he was in the room when Nailz confronted McMahon and accused him of “throttling” the Chairman before he was taken away.

Nailz also denied Jimmy’s claim.

“Nope. No one was in the locker room except me and the assailant.”

WWE Hall Of Famer Bret Hart recalled in his book that Nailz “cornered Vince in his office and screamed at him for 15 minutes”. The Hitman claimed that he was just down the hall from the office when he heard a loud crash, which according to him was Nailz “knocking Vince over in his chair and choking him violently.”

Bret also wrote that Nailz yelled that someone grabbed a “sensitive area”, which led to him calling the police.

Regarding this, Nailz said:

“I don’t know who was outside in the hall because we were in the locker room and the door was shut. I did go to the phone and call the police and said I had been assaulted.”

When asked about the reaction from the talent, Nailz said:

“I’m not really around wrestling anymore for probably a good 20 years. From what I heard from a few people, a lot of people didn’t like what I did to the guy in the east coast.

They have to understand, we’re independent contractors, and everyone makes their own deal. What deal worked for them, may not work for me. The deal that I made, that I was told, didn’t come through. A lot of guys think that it was ‘stupid for what he did,’ ‘he should have never did it,’ or whatever.

They all make their own deals, I made my deal, my deal didn’t come through. That’s why what happened, happened. It had nothing to do with anybody else except the person that told me that ‘this is how much money you’re going to make,’ and didn’t come through with it.

They can say what they want or think what they want, ‘that was stupid,’ but after that, I didn’t plan on being in wrestling again anyway. I had basically had enough of it.

If something else comes through again, another territory or promoter calls up and has a deal for me, I’ll listen and if I think I want to do it, I would. Later, I did. WCW came through with an offer and signed me to a two-year contract and I didn’t have to hardly work at all.”

When asked if he wishes that night could’ve gone different, Nailz replied:

“I’m fine with what happened. I don’t have any regrets. Never got too many thank you calls and thank you letters in my life. People that I hadn’t heard from in years were sending me cards.

A lot of people that ended up working for him later were the same guys that came and thanked me for what happened. People would say, ‘must have taken a lot of guts to do that. I wish I was in your position that I could have done that years later.’

He did step on a lot of toes and he made it tough for a lot of people. He made a lot of promises that he didn’t fulfill and a lot of guys were in a bad predicament because he lied to them. That’s their deal, that’s not mine. I’m only speaking on what happened to me. What happened to me didn’t come through.”

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