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New NXT Character Inspired By WWE’s Poop-Smearing Stalker (Photo)

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• New NXT Character Inspired By WWE’s Poop-Smearing Stalker (Photo)

WWE teased the arrival of “Scrypts” for weeks, where voice messages were left at the WWE Performance Center by a person who vowed to destroy NXT.

The character finally debuted on this week’s episode of NXT and it was former 24/7 Champion Reggie behind a mask.

Scrypts went on to defeat Guru Raaj in a singles match.

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Back in 2015, a man named Armando Montalvo was shot outside the WWE Performance Center and arrested for trespassing. He even smeared his feces on the side of the building before getting arrested.

Below is a photo of him:

Armando Montalvo WWE Performance Center Stalker

According to the Wrestling Observer, Armando is the inspiration behind Scrypts:

“Do you remember the real stalker who was defecating on the premises and doing all that crazy stuff and he was arrested multiple times? That was the gimmick that inspired Scrypts. That idiot inspired a gimmick that’s out there doing flips.”

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The tagline of the event was “The Genetic Freak Of Sports Entertainment UNLEASHED”.

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