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5. Finn Balor On If “The Demon” Will Return, What Will Conor McGregor’s Gimmick Be If He Joins WWE?

During a recent interview on Sports Illustrated Now, former Universal Champion Finn Balor talked about his “Demon” gimmick, possibility of UFC Star Conor McGregor coming to WWE & more. Below are the highlights:

On his Demon gimmick:
“The ‘Demon King’ will be back, eventually, but for the moment that hasn’t really been required and I’m very happy just walking out there, pop my collar, and have some fun. I’m sure there will be a situation in time – maybe in the near future – that the ‘Demon King’ will need to be drawn upon, but right now, I’m cool.”

On the possibility of Conor McGregor joining WWE and what would his gimmick be:
“I think he’s a natural fit, to be honest with ya. He’s a natural showman, he’s an incredible athlete, probably one of the best athletes on the planet. I think given the opportunity to come to the WWE, I think he would thrive. I think he’ll just waltz out with his ‘Billion dollar strut’ – very similar like Vince McMahon – and probably lay some people out. I know Enzo Amore has been mentioning Conor a lot, is that a potential feud going forward? Who knows?”

On who will he root for in the Mayweather vs. McGregor boxing match:
“Us Irish, we have a tendency to kind of bond together. Despite any kind of differences, when it’s someone from the homeland, you gotta root for them. I’ll be rooting for Conor, for sure.”

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