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17. Paige’s Private Video Leak Reference On SmackDown Live Cleared By A WWE Producer?

During a recent interview with Hip Hop DX, Rapper Mega Ran (who was a part of The New Day’s entourage last week on SmackDown Live) discussed the rap battle from last week between The New Day & The Usos. Below are the highlights:

On if he wrote the rhymes:
“For everybody who’s asking me, I did not write rhymes,” Mega Ran said. “I just kinda sat and listened. I helped them with their deliveries and getting down the cadence and stuff. The Usos were able to write rebuttal lines. I felt it gave them an advantage. They might’ve gotten a little better crowd response, but they went a little below the belt to get it.”

On if the Paige reference was cleared by a WWE producer:
“Although the producers of the segment requested both teams send in their rhymes for the script, only The New Day obliged. The Usos showed theirs to one producer, but made a point to not let The New Day see their bars, which referenced a salacious story involving Woods.”

For those who missed it, The Usos used the following line:

“Let’s just keep it PG, you know what’s good. Don’t get all ‘Rated-R,’ like ya boy Xavier Woods.”

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