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Nick Khan Reveals Massive WWE + UFC Plan

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Below are a couple of top WWE news stories of the day:

• While getting interviewed on the Bill Simmons podcast, WWE President Nick Khan revealed that the plan is to set up an ‘all-star TKO weekend’ where the following happens:

– SmackDown on Friday

– UFC pay-per-view on Saturday

– WWE premium live event on Sunday

As we previously noted, the Wrestling Observer reported that WWE’s goal now is to have cities pay them to bring their premium live events to their stadiums/arenas:

“We’ll be seeing a lot more of WWE trying to get cities to bid for at least the big shows. The goal is for all 12 pay-per-view shows.

Right now, I think the goal is 4 or 5 for next year, and maybe more as time goes on and as UFC is doing as well. They just went to Sydney. It was a 16 million dollar deal to get 3 shows.”

With the addition of UFC to this plan, it’s going to get easier for TKO to negotiate with various cities.

• A new ‘TKO Group Holdings’ SEC filing lists it’s competitors for the WWE side of things with regards to risk factors:

– All Elite Wrestling

– IMPACT Wrestling

– Ring of Honor

– New Japan Pro-Wrestling

The following was also stated in the filing:

“The markets in which we operate are highly competitive, rapidly changing and increasingly fragmented, both within the United States and internationally and we may not be able to compete effectively, which could adversely affect our operating results.”

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