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Nick Khan Reveals Netflix’s Reaction To The Allegations Against Vince McMahon

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Vince McMahon, once the paramount figure in WWE for an extended period, has seen a significant decline in his influence in recent years due to allegations of s*xual misconduct.

By January 2024, McMahon’s involvement in WWE has been reduced to that of a mere stockholder, a change announced shortly after the revelation that “WWE Raw” would be featured on Netflix in the upcoming year.

During an appearance on “The Town”, WWE President Nick Khan discussed Netflix’s response to the McMahon situation. While Khan expressed doubt that the news preceding the deal would have hindered their agreement, he admitted it wouldn’t have been beneficial either.

Khan acknowledged the severity of the allegations, stating “Those allegations are obviously horrific and serious … we take them and interpret them the same way I think every reasonable person or organization would take them. And you saw the quick resignation”.

He emphasized that they were treated seriously, leading to McMahon’s swift resignation as Executive Chairman. Khan clarified that Netflix didn’t demand McMahon’s removal and reiterated that McMahon’s only remaining connection to WWE is his ownership of shares. According to Khan, McMahon’s decision to step down was of his own accord.

Accusations of r@pe and s*xual misconduct have shadowed McMahon for some time, with the latest developments in January exacerbating the damage to his reputation.

Notably, there’s an ongoing civil suit alleging McMahon, WWE, and former wrestler/executive John Laurinaitis of s*x trafficking, alongside reports of federal prosecutors investigating McMahon.

The January lawsuit implicates several unnamed company executives as having knowledge, at least to some extent, of the misconduct within the company, with Khan later identified as one of these executives.

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