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“No Tony Khan, you’re more like a urine sample than you are Pepsi” – WWE Hall of Famer

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Below are some top news stories of the day, involving Tony Khan and WWE title belts.

• During an interview on the NFL Network, AEW President Tony Khan took a major shot at WWE.

Here’s what he said:

“[AEW is] the most successful sports startup since the AFL. We are like the Pepsi of Pro Wrestling.

We’re up against a really Evil Juggernaut, WWE is our competitor, that’s who we are facing.

AEW is like the Pepsi of Pro Wrestling and WWE is like the Harvey Weinstein of Professional Wrestling.”

You can watch it below:

This led to WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff tweeting:

“No Tony Khan, you’re more like a urine sample than you are Pepsi.”

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• In a recent report from Fightful Select, it has been revealed that WWE officials made significant changes to the title designs and branding, aimed at providing greater flexibility compared to previous approaches.

One notable alteration highlighted in the report pertains to the Tag Team Titles. Unlike before, these titles are no longer brand-specific with distinct color schemes.

This strategic shift comes as a proactive measure to mitigate potential complications arising from title trades, a scenario that has led to awkward situations in the past when champions find themselves on a brand incongruent with their championship.

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Similar changes were made to the Women’s Titles last year, when RAW and SmackDown Women’s Championships were turned into WWE Women’s Championship and Women’s World Championship.

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