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Non-Binary Wrestling Announcer Fired For Grooming An Underage Boy

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Allegations of misconduct have recently emerged against Stepstool Sarah, a non-binary individual known for their role as a ring announcer and wrestling photographer. This unfolding controversy has led to their departure from multiple wrestling promotions, raising concerns about the safety and well-being of younger individuals within the wrestling community.

Stepstool Sarah, who prefers they/them pronouns, has been a familiar face on the independent wrestling scene for several years, contributing as both a ring announcer and a photographer.

However, approximately three weeks ago, Saint Louis Anarchy (SLA), a wrestling promotion, received a complaint from one of its wrestlers regarding Rose’s alleged grooming behavior towards the wrestler’s younger brother, a high school senior, while Rose is in their early 30s.

Stepstool Sarah Indy Wrestling Ring Announcer Photographer

During Haus of Wrestling’s interview with the anonymous SLA wrestler, details of uncomfortable interactions between Stepstool Sarah and the younger brother were shared. These incidents included public instances of meanness and private behavior perceived as manipulative.

One particular incident involved Rose questioning the high school senior about adjusting his shorts, dismissing it as a joke. Furthermore, after the younger brother turned 18, Rose reportedly initiated inappropriate text messages, causing significant discomfort.

When confronted about the allegations, Stepstool Sarah reportedly remained unapologetic, attributing their actions to autism, a response that offended the accuser. The wrestler decided to bring the matter to the attention of SLA owner Matt Jackson (not from The Young Bucks), who, after reviewing text exchanges and speaking directly with the victim, made the decision to sever ties with Rose for violating the company’s code of conduct.

It was also revealed that Rose had previously worked for SLA as a ring announcer but had temporarily parted ways due to the surfacing of old social media messages containing offensive language. Upon their return, SLA limited Rose’s involvement to photography, excluding them from the ring announcer role.

The fallout from these allegations extends beyond SLA, as other wrestling promotions, including Zero1, NAP, and Black Label Pro, have also cut ties with Stepstool Sarah. This marks a collective stance against any form of inappropriate behavior within the wrestling community.

In an effort to provide a comprehensive view, attempts were made to reach out to Stepstool Sarah for comment. Their response was a plea for help and a request for privacy: “I’m going to seek help and wish to be left alone at this time. Please.”

As the wrestling community grapples with these allegations, it highlights the importance of addressing and taking swift action against misconduct to maintain a safe and inclusive environment for all participants.

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