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NWA Women’s Champion Says Tessa Blanchard Is Trying To Dig Up Dirt About Her

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• Old School WWF/ECW Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WWF/ECW Veteran Tony DeVito (Real name: Anthony F. DeVito) celebrates his 48th birthday today.

DeVito wrestled for the World Wrestling Federation as an enhancement talent from 1992 till 1996 and later in his career became a member of ‘The Baldies’ in Paul Heyman’s Extreme Championship Wrestling.

The last time we saw him on television was in 2006 when he appeared on 2 ECW on ScyFy (WWE’s version of ECW) shows, first as Macho Libre, then as a faux preacher, both times to get destroyed by ECW Original The Sandman.


• NWA Women’s Champion Says Tessa Blanchard Is Trying To Dig Up Dirt About Her

As we noted before, Impact World Champion Tessa Blanchard was recently accused on being a bully and a racist.

Tessa denied the claims in a statement she issued on Twitter. Below is what she posted:

“Over the last week I have been accused of calling a fellow wrestler a racial slur. To read this allegation has been personally upsetting.

To be clear, I absolutely did not use that word. That word is not in my vocabulary. That word is not in my heart. Racism is not in my heart.

Yet I know many people have to deal with racism in a way I will never have to. Racism is an awful part of American history, and it is equally awful that it’s still part of our society today.

While I did not do what was claimed, I stand ready to use my platform to support the fight against racism however I can.”

One of the women that called out Tessa was NWA Women’s Champion Allysin Kay.

Allysin is now claiming that Tessa is trying to dig up dirt about her. Below are the tweets that she posted:

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