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18. Madusa On The Voicemail That Chyna Sent Her Before Passing Away Two Days Later

During a recent appearance on the X-Pac 12360 podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Madusa (a.k.a Alundra Blaze) talked about throwing the WWF Women’s Title in a trash can, receiving a voicemail from Chyna before she passed away & more. Below are the highlights:

On the reason behind dropping the WWF Women’s Title in the trash can:
“I was so hurt, oh my God and I had a lot of come to Jesus talks with myself. You know those lonely nights by yourself crying yourself to sleep where people don’t know.”

On receiving a voicemail from Chyna two days before she passed away:
“Me & Chyna started talking and it was two days before she passed and she left me this incredible voicemail, no I am not kidding, I left it on my phone, the message. And it was one of the greatest , greatest messages ever. It was really good. She said some amazing things ,she regretted a lot of things. Her and I were planning some things.And trying to come clean, that type of thing. Then two days before, we spoke and then I remembered I called her that evening and she wouldn’t answer her phone, I remembered she answered and hung up or something and I tried calling her back and then I found out she was gone two days later.”

On if she can still wrestle:

“Well after this knee, I feel pretty damn good! You never know, but listen to this, you know, it’s not my time, it’s not about me. People ask me all the time, could I still go? Damn right! I probably could if I got back to training for a month or two. You know what I would like? Why not be the woman version of Paul Heyman. (laughs.) You know what I am saying? Why can’t I go up there and get a few women in a stable? What about the Dangerous Alliance of Women? Or how about “these b!tches will turn you to stone!””

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