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Old School Wrestling Veteran Passes Away

RIP Rest In Peace

• Tully Blanchard Reveals Why He Left Jim Crockett Promotions

During a recent appearance on Why It Ended podcast, Tully Blanchard spoke on why he had to leave JCP (Jim Crockett Promotions).

Below is what Tully Blanchard revealed:

“It was not the fact of getting paid, it was signing contracts. When [Ted] Turner was hiring and buying the company, he was signing people to big contracts and other people had got the contracts, and they didn’t sign Arn and I to a contract. So, it was job security as well as money. When you’re the people who are selling tickets, when it’s a sellout when the Road Warriors are beating you up, and it’s not a sellout when they’re beating somebody else up.

[Jim] Crockett was negotiating with Turner to sell his company to Turner, and Turner was doing interviews with the key players, which I was one of, and we were instructed to be honest with everything. And I said, ‘ok, I will.’ So they asked me some questions, and I was honest with the answers, and Crockett didn’t like my answers because the people at Turner asked him some questions that I guess were uncomfortable to be answered. And I wasn’t smart enough to just sashay around the questions.

I answered them. I’m just a plain old simple guy. So they politely kicked me off the plane, and told me I wasn’t loyal, and so I said that I don’t need to work here. And Arn and I dropped the titles the next night in Philadelphia.”

• Old School Wrestling Veteran Passes Away

Old School WWF Veteran Brian Blair announced on Twitter that Brickhouse Brown has passed away from cancer.

He was 57 years old. Below is the tweet from Blair:

UPDATE: Brickhouse Brown “Was Dead, But Now He’s Alive!” – Read Here.

In April of last year, Brown was diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer. Two months ago, Brown revealed that the cancer has spread to his brain and it has impaired his eyesight. It also resulted in his weight getting reduced by about 100 lbs.

Brown performed for various promotions such as the AWA, USWA, and the CWA. Below are some of the Titles that he won:

– 1x WCWA Texas Heavyweight Championship

– 1x NWA Mississippi Heavyweight Championship

– 1x NWA Mid-South Unified Heavyweight Championship

– 1x NWA Southeastern Tag Team Championship

– 1x USWA Television Championship

– 3x USWA World Tag Team Championship

Brown was considered one of the top heels of the 80s.

Rest In Peace Brickhouse Brown (August 11, 1960 – July 20, 2018)

You can check out videos of him below:

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