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Old School WWF Attitude Era Legend Comments On His Relationship With Vince McMahon

Chris Jericho - Undisputed WWF Champion

WCW/WWF Legend “Y2J” Chris Jericho was recently interviewed by ‘Monster Worldwide’ about his relationship with WWF/E promoter Vince McMahon and had the following to say:

“The relationship I have with Vince now—and I think of us as friends—took years to develop. When you’re working with someone who’s at the top of their game, they are really complex, and it’s not possible to gain their trust and respect overnight. You can’t rush it.

It helps to put yourself in the shoes of someone who’s been a boss for a long time. How many people have worked for him in the past, and how many have not worked out? He, or she, is looking for someone who will stand the test of time. So try to be that person.”

Jericho is currently not on the WWE roster, but is expected back in the ring either towards the end of this year or next year as an entrant during the Royal Rumble match.

Stay tuned for more updates on his return!

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