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Old Show Returning After Tonight’s RAW

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• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (June 1, 2015) – Old School Tag Team Veteran Passed Away

On this day in 2015, we lost Old School Tag Team Veteran Tommy Rogers (Real name: Thomas Couch) at the age of 54.

For most of Tommy Rogers’ professional Wrestling career, he teamed up with Bobby Fulton as “The Fantastics”.

They were a famous Tag Team during the 80s & 90s and wrestled for various territories such as World Class Championship Wrestling, Jim Crockett Promotions & Mid-South Wrestling (UWF) and many more.

Later on during the Monday Night Wars, Rogers also had a few stints as a singles wrestler in the WWF, WCW and ECW, but was mainly used as an enhancement talent.


May 14, 1961 – June 1, 2015

• Old Show Returning After Tonight’s RAW

WWE has confirmed that RAW Talk is set to return after tonight’s RAW, and it will be hosted by Charly Caruso and Samoa Joe.

Along with RAW Talk, WWE Network News is also reporting that Talking Smack is also expected to return:

“RAW Talk is currently listed on the WWE Network schedule for a premiere at 11 PM EST following RAW on USA. There is no preview for it as of yet, and there is a chance this is changed later in the day, but as of now the program is publicly listed. Additionally, we heard internally several months ago that RAW Talk and Talking Smack were possibly returning to WWE Network as part of the free tier. This was prior to the pandemic creating delays and staff being furloughed.

Still, we want to stress that WWE hasn’t yet publicly confirmed the programs are returning. RAW Talk being listed on the schedule does seem to be a clear sign that at least that specific program will air, however. Of course, if Talking Smack does indeed also make a return, it is currently unclear whether it will air after 205 Live, before 205 Live, or if the purple brand will move to a different night altogether such as Tuesday or Thursday.”

We will keep you updated regarding Talking Smack’s status.

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