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“One day you will see MJF in WWE” – Top Star

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, the paths of Cody Rhodes and MJF have been intricately intertwined since their early days in All Elite Wrestling.

While Cody Rhodes has now ascended to the status of a top star in WWE, MJF stands as the face of AEW as its reigning World Heavyweight Champion. The connection between the two runs deep, marked by a history that includes mentorship, betrayal, and a classic feud.

In the nascent days of AEW, MJF played a significant role by Cody Rhodes’ side. However, the alliance took a dramatic turn when MJF cost Rhodes his sole World Heavyweight Title shot in AEW, leading to a stipulation that barred Rhodes from challenging for the title again. This turn of events fueled a memorable and intense feud between the two, shaping their legacies in the promotion.

Fast forward to the present, where Cody Rhodes now finds himself a prominent figure in the WWE landscape. Meanwhile, MJF has evolved into AEW’s World Heavyweight Champion, solidifying his status as one of the promotion’s marquee talents.

The topic of MJF’s potential jump to WWE has been a subject of speculation, especially in the context of the rumored bidding war between AEW and WWE in 2024. While MJF had previously discussed the possibility, he has been notably silent on the matter in 2023, sparking rumors that he may have already re-signed with AEW.

During an interview with Michael Kay and Peter Rosenberg on the YES Network, Cody Rhodes shared his thoughts on MJF’s potential move to WWE. “I think one day you will see MJF in WWE”, Rhodes stated, acknowledging their shared history and the role he played in MJF’s early career, having recruited him. Rhodes commended MJF’s professionalism and noted the physical transformation the young star underwent over the last year and a half, praising him for adding muscle to his frame.

Rhodes emphasized the challenges MJF would face in WWE, highlighting the caliber of talent he would encounter, including formidable names like Drew McIntyre, Omos, and Brock Lesnar. Rhodes emphasized the importance of a wrestler not only excelling in the ring but also looking the part by putting in the hard work at the gym.

As the wrestling world continues to evolve, the potential for MJF’s journey to WWE remains an intriguing storyline to follow, with Cody Rhodes offering insights into the professional and physical challenges that may await the AEW World Heavyweight Champion in a different wrestling landscape.

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