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Original Plan For Bret Hart’s Return Match In WWE

Bret Hart WrestleMania 36

• Original Plan For Bret Hart’s Return Match In WWE

2 Time WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart had his final “WWF” match at Survivor Series 1997 (Montreal Screwjob).

When Bret Hart’s relationship with Vince McMahon improved in 2005, Bret was very much interested in facing Vince in a match at WrestleMania 22 in 2006, which then became the plan for that event.

However, things didn’t work out and Bret got inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006, and eventually faced off against Mr. McMahon 4 years later at WrestleMania 26.

Here’s what former WWE writer Court Bauer said about this on Talk Is Jericho:

“By the time you [Chris Jericho] arrived, I was heading out. I think you left in the summer of 2005. I was just starting, so we didn’t have much of a window together. But when I was there, there was a time where we had just closed a deal with Bret to do the DVD Anthology series. And it was a big deal, and Bret was, at that moment in time, very small window of time, very much into the idea of doing a match with Vince at WrestleMania in Chicago, WrestleMania 22.

And so that was then going to turn to other things because Bret wasn’t going to wrestle regularly. It was just a special attraction. So they’re trying to find ways to take us to the house shows, how to take this on TV, and also, at the time, USA [Network] wanted more McMahon.

They wanted to do a fresh take on the McMahon Family, and so the idea was you would have Bret, and the Hart Foundation, and the New Generation, which would have been Harry Smith, Tyson Kidd, Nattie, and so on.

I think Jim Neidhart was even going to come in for it, and they would take on Vince, Shane, Hunter, and Shawn, and his students, which were Brian Kendrick, Paul London, and – he wasn’t at the time – Daniel Bryan.

This really cool multi-generational thing – we needed new talent. We were starving for young, talented guys. We’re gonna bring all these guys and bring them into the system, and it was a really interesting idea.”

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• ON THIS DAY IN WWF HISTORY (December 3, 1983) – WWF Championship Wrestling

On this day in 1983, the World Wrestling Federation aired an episode of their weekly TV show ‘WWF Championship Wrestling’.

This episode was pre-taped at the Agricultural Hall in Allentown, Pennsylvania and featured matches, interviews & storyline segments involving the 1983 WWF Superstars.

Here’s the card:

Sgt. Slaughter vs. Steve Lombardi

Eddie Gilbert vs. Bill Berger

Paul Orndorff vs. Ken Jugan

Tito Santana vs. Rene Goulet

WWF Tag Team Champions The Wild Samoans vs. SD Jones & Mark Mattox

The Masked Superstar vs. Denny Hill

Salvatore Bellomo vs. Buddy Donovan

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