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8. Ryback Says Indian WWE Fans Have No Money & Indian Government Is Corrupt

During a recent edition of Conversation With The Big Guy podcast, Ryback discussed WWE putting Jinder Mahal in the main event to push their product in India & more. Below are the highlights:

On WWE trying to push their product in India:

“I don’t know why. They have the TV deal, but people don’t have any f*cking money out there, so I don’t know why they’re trying to appeal to that market. I heard that the merchandise sales out there aren’t good. No sh*t! Like, I’ve been to India. They don’t have money. There are certain people that do, but the ones that do, I’m pretty sure aren’t f*cking watching fake fighting.”

On feeling unsafe in India during a WWE appearance:

“I’ve been there for my media appearances years ago for WWE and I had to do a mall appearance, like 13,000, 14,000 people on like a tri-level mall. They had to run me out of there. When it was over, the people started rushing the barricades and we had only one WWE security guard with me and that was it. I swear to God, it’s the only time I’d been concerned for my safety ever. And they ran me out of there, threw me in a van, and drove me straight to the airport and flew me home.”

On Indian Government being corrupt:

“We get to the hotel this last time (during WWE’s tour of India in 2016) and the security guard who is no longer with WWE, John Marx, tells me, Kofi, and Dolph, ‘yeah, you guys have to go back to the embassy’ or something, ‘something’s going on – they need to see your passport.’ And I said, ‘the f*ck they do!’ I go, ‘I’m not going anywhere. I’m staying here and I’ll go to the f–king show.’ And I go, ‘I’ll go to the airport with everyone else and go back home.’ Like, I’m not going to be taken out on a Goddamn bus at night in India to go to the embassy. I already knew what was going on. They’re very corrupt over there in different parts of their government.

Sure enough, he says, ‘no, you have to f*cking go. They’ve requested you, Dolph, and Kofi.’ So whatever guy there that was requesting this, he was just fans of me, Dolph, and Kofi. And we had to go there. They tried to bribe money out of WWE security and the WWE representative and tried to get a bunch of free tickets and they wanted cash for whatever reason while we sat in a f*cking room.”

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