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16. Justin Roberts Talks About Triple H Blowing Him Off Regarding A Live Event Producer Position

During a recent interview with Ring Rust Radio, former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts talked about Triple H blowing him off regarding a live event producer position and why some things that Triple H did didn’t make any sense. Below is what Roberts had to say about the 14 time World Champion:

“I mean, he takes care of his NXT guys. I think there are a lot of guys that aren’t NXT guys that aren’t treated very well and can’t reach the heights that they can with their potential. There always seem to be someone or something working against them while his guys always seem to look good and the guys he isn’t into tend to not look so good.

In my dealings with him, when I talked about the live event producer position, here was someone who was at every single show, watching every live event, every TV show, every PPV from ringside and all of them from beginning to end. I saw how it was broken and I wanted to help fix it and just to help this company. Someone like Triple H kept blowing me off and saying that I didn’t have enough experience and then bringing in guys that knew nothing about the business and they didn’t come from a wrestling world and didn’t know how to put together a wrestling show or the psychology behind it. It’s a psychological roller coaster that you take the fans on during a show.

For him to tell me I didn’t have enough experience and then he brings in guys with no experience just didn’t make any sense. He was the top heel and when we were in Australia, he was the top authority figure, but he would start a live show welcoming everybody and he was out there as a babyface.

People would boo when he came on because he is a heel on TV, but at the same time he wants to be a baby face and accepted by everyone. Things just didn’t make sense and that should paint the picture for you.”

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