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Paige Reveals How The Rock Left Her In An Emotional Mess Backstage At WrestleMania 30

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• OLD SCHOOL HISTORY (September 20, 1993) – WWF Monday Night RAW

On this day in 1993, the World Wrestling Federation aired another episode of their weekly TV show ‘WWF Monday Night RAW’.

It was pre-taped at the Manhattan Center in New York City, New York and featured matches, interviews & storyline segments on the road to the ‘WWE Survivor Series 1993’ PPV.

Here’s the card:

– Scott Steiner vs. Quebecer Pierre

– Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Scrub

– Bret Hart Interview

– Mr. Perfect vs. Scrub

– Bobby Heenan Segment

– IRS vs. P.J. Walker

• Old School ECW Manager Celebrates His Birthday

Old School ECW Manager Joel Gertner celebrates his 43rd birthday today.

He could work the mic like hardly anyone else in ECW could (besides Joey Styles, that is), so Joel was used as an occasional ring announcer and also doing commentary from time to time, before he was put in the role that most Old School 90s Fans will remember him for, the manager of The Dudley Boyz.


• Paige Reveals How The Rock Left Her In An Emotional Mess Backstage At WrestleMania 30

During a recent interview with The Sun, SmackDown General Manager Paige revealed how Old School WWF Legend The Rock left her in an emotional mess backstage at WrestleMania 30 in 2014 (before she made her debut on the WWE Main Roster).

Below is the story:

“I got told about the movie (Fighting With My Family) the day of WrestleMania before my debut on Raw. At Mania I got a text on my phone saying ‘Hey it’s DJ, I need to speak to you real quick. I’m like, ‘DJ, who is that?’

I didn’t realise people called him that. I was sat next to Dean Malenko and asked who DJ was and he was like ‘It’s Dwayne Johnson you dummy!’ And I was like ‘Oh my god.’

Someone then came and got me and told me Dwayne wanted to talk to me and told me it’s very important. And I’m thinking ‘Oh no, what did I do?

I was just an NXT girl at WrestleMania taking everything in and then all of a sudden I’ve got Dwayne Johnson asking if he can talk to me.

He pulled me in a room and told me I was debuting the next day and I was just like ‘What!’ And then he told me I was going to win the championship and I was just like ‘Oh my god, oh my god!’

I started crying and asked him why he was telling me this and he replied ‘It’s just cause we’re in this meeting I wanted to tell you but I also wanted to tell you something else. I wanted to see your face because I know you deserve this.

He then said ‘I’ve been in England filming Fast & Furious and I stumbled across your family documentary on TV. I saw it and thought that family is just like mine. You guys are very loyal and close and love the wrestling business. You are so passionate and it just touched my heart and I got goosebumps watching it. Then I realized the girl was in WWE, she was debuting tomorrow and she will be wearing the Diva’s Championship.’

He wanted to be the one to tell me and make it special – it was so overwhelming and I was blubbering everywhere thanking him for watching the documentary. And then he said he had something else to tell me. He said ‘I loved the documentary so much I want to make it into a movie’. And I was just like ‘what?’

That took me over the edge and I was crying my eyes out and thinking ‘what the f*ck is going on around here?’ He was so great, asking me not to tell anyone and to stay humble and hungry – he gave me wonderful advice. I was an emotional mess.”

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