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Paige Reveals Why She Opened Up About Her Leaked Tapes & Failed Drug Tests


• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (September 20, 1997) – WWF One Night Only 1997

On this day in Pro Wrestling history on September 20, 1997, the World Wrestling Federation aired ‘WWF One Night Only’ LIVE on PPV from the NEC Arena in Birmingham, England.

After ‘SummerSlam 1992’, this was only the second ever WWF pay-per-view event that was held outside of North America.

Here are the results:

– Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Dude Love

– Tiger Ali Singh defeated Leif Cassidy

– WWF Tag Team Championship: The Headbangers (c) defeated Los Boricuas

– The Patriot defeated Flash Funk

– The Legion of Doom defeated The Godwinns

– Vader defeated Owen Hart

– WWF World Heavyweight Championship: Bret Hart (c) defeated The Undertaker via DQ

– WWF European Championship: Shawn Michaels defeated The British Bulldog (c)

• Paige Reveals Why She Opened Up About Her Leaked Tapes & Failed Drug Tests

During a recent interview with The Mirror, SmackDown General Manager Paige promoted the return of Total Divas and why she opened up about her personal issues in this season.

Below are the highlights:

On her personal story being told this season:

“You hear a bunch of my stories, the year and a half I took out, just everything. All the trouble I got myself into… I was just very open about everything. I was very open with the taped $ex that unfortunately got leaked, the popping [failing] of drug tests, I was just very open about everything because I want people to learn from my mistakes, you know?

Obviously they get to see stuff like my neck injury, my emotions becoming general manager, it just has so much. I have so much to share with you guys and again you just see a different side of me, you get to see Saraya, more than you get to see Paige.”

On being able to come back from all the adversity she faced:

“Yeah I feel it definitely helped a lot and the people who kind of got me out of my rut – I was at rock bottom for a year and a half – and the people who got me out of my rut were my fans.

They were just like ‘I know you can get out of this, you’re stronger than what you feel right now, I know you can make a comeback’ and it just inspired me like ‘you’re right, why do I feel like I’m giving up right now?’

It just motivated me beyond… it motivated me more so than I’ve ever been in my life. Especially when my neck issues came around and I couldn’t wrestle anymore, I was like ‘okay, this isn’t the end of me, this is the start of something new, this is a different chapter of my story’. I just never wanted to give up.”

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