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Pat McAfee Targeted By Wyatt Sick6 Again, Latest Message Revealed

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A chilling event unfolded during yesterday’s episode of The Pat McAfee Show, just moments before the broadcast concluded. McAfee, visibly alarmed, abruptly stopped mid-sentence, reacting to something off-camera.

This incident quickly escalated as security concerns led to a sudden blackout, accompanied by the ominous sound effect associated with the newly emerged Wyatt Sick6 faction, led by Uncle Howdy.

Speculation ran wild, suggesting that McAfee was targeted by this dark faction. However, the WWE RAW commentator took to X to clarify the situation. In a follow-up tweet, McAfee explained that the abrupt end to their program was caused by an unsettling power outage in their studio. This unexpected event left many viewers worried and confused.

McAfee and his team saw the speculation that the Wyatt Sick6 were responsible for the incident, hinting at something catastrophic. To address these rumors, they reviewed footage from their generator-powered security camera.

The footage revealed that a drone had been sent to disrupt the show, emitting an EMP that cut their power. This prompted one of the hosts, Jack Carr, to take decisive action, grabbing a gun and shooting down the drone.

At the end of today’s episode of The Pat McAfee Show, McAfee was signing off, expressing his gratitude for his work and looking forward to the weekend. However, the show was interrupted by a mysterious message that read, “You lied”.

You can watch it below:

This incident has left fans and viewers with more questions than answers, as the Wyatt Sick6 faction continues to cast a shadow over the WWE universe and beyond. The involvement of the faction in this disruption remains unclear, but it has certainly added an eerie layer to the ongoing narrative surrounding Uncle Howdy and his dark entourage.

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