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Paul Heyman Mentions Brock Lesnar At WWE Hall Of Fame (Video)

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After tonight’s WrestleMania SmackDown went off the air, the WWE Hall of Fame 2024 ceremony started.

The wrestlers are seated around the ring, as well as on the stage tonight.

While CM Punk was being interviewed backstage, AEW star Keith Lee was shown on camera. Lee is there because he’s married to SmackDown wrestler “Michin” Mia Yim.

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After announcing her departure from WWE last year, Stephanie McMahon returned to TV at tonight’s ceremony.

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– Paul Heyman was the first inductee for tonight. Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns came out to induct him. Reigns revealed the things that Heyman taught him. Reigns said he wouldn’t be The Tribal Chief without his Wise Man and that he’d drop his Tribal Chief character if Heyman ever goes away.

Heyman came out and hugged ECW Legends on the stage, including Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer and Bubba Ray Dudley.

Fans chanted you deserve it and Heyman said you’re damn right I deserve it. Heyman said he’s the first inductee chosen for Triple H’s first Hall of Fame class. Heyman put over Triple H for how he’s running WWE and the creative freedom he gives. Heyman said he’s a Paul Levesque Guy. HHH stood up and shook Heyman’s hand.

Heyman also put over Stephanie McMahon. Heyman also said:

“It’s time for Stephanie to admit she married the wrong Paul.”

Heyman motivated his kids to do what they love. He told his daughter that if somebody is picking on her, she should remember that she’s two seats away from Haku!

Paul got emotional and said he wishes his mother and father were here. Heyman then asked where is Cody Rhodes. Heyman turned around and said he wishes Cody’s father was here as well.

Heyman then talked about how ECW changed the game in the 90s. Heyman said people have tried to cancel him many times, but it didn’t work.

Paul openly mentioned Brock Lesnar, in his full gimmick voice, multiple times, while talking conquering The Undertaker’s Streak 10 years ago.

You can watch it below:

– Alundra Blayze inducted Bull Nakano next. Bull talked about the challenges she faced in the US because she had a hard time speaking English. Bull said if there’s anything known as a rebirth, she’d love to be born again as Bull Nakano, the pro-wrestler.

– The Undertaker came out next to induct Muhammad Ali. Ali’s widow Lonnie Ali gave the speech. Lonnie revealed that Ali was honored to let The Rock use “The People’s Champion” moniker, so she is going to give Rock The People’s Championship tonight.

The Rock came out and was blown away by the championship.

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– Bo Dallas returned along with his sister Mika Rotunda and paid tribute to Bray Wyatt, before introducing his father and uncle, Mike Rotunda & Barry Windham, together known as The US Express.

Mike got emotional while talking about his son Bray. Here’s what he said:

“I wish that our son Windham could have been here, he would have liked to see his old man go in the Hall of Fame.”

Mike ended his speech by paying tribute to Wyatt with his phone’s flashlight:

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– Thunderbolt Patterson came out next for his induction. He hugged Gerald Brisco on the stage. He talked about fighting racism and told people to stop playing the race card. He was inducted by The New Day (Kofi Kingston, Big E & Xavier Woods).

– The Rock came out to induct his grandmother, Lia Maivia. The Rock mentioned Vince McMahon’s name while mentioning the top promoters back in the day, and there were a little booes. Rock said Dusty Rhodes was one of his heroes and then diverted his attention to Cody Rhodes, who was sitting behind him. Rock said what happened between them is not business, it’s personal.

Rock then said Ata Maivia Johnson, his mother, is the real Final Boss. Rock said his mother wants to lay the SmackDown on Cody, but he’s going to take care of it tomorrow.

The Great One thanked his grandmother for everything and told the fans to get ready for WrestleMania before leaving. Rock had an argument with a fan outside the ring.

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