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People In WWE & AEW Think The Same Thing About Tony Khan’s Recent Controversial Comments

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During an interview on the NFL Network, AEW President Tony Khan took a major shot at WWE.

Here’s what he said:

“[AEW is] the most successful sports startup since the AFL. We are like the Pepsi of Pro Wrestling.

We’re up against a really Evil Juggernaut, WWE is our competitor, that’s who we are facing.

AEW is like the Pepsi of Pro Wrestling and WWE is like the Harvey Weinstein of Professional Wrestling.”

You can watch it below:

This led to WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff tweeting:

“No Tony Khan, you’re more like a urine sample than you are Pepsi.”

The Wrestling Observer reported the following about the backstage reaction in WWE & AEW to Tony’s comments:

“I talked to people in both companies, and I will say this about what he said… I can tell you from talking to people in AEW – obviously, the WWE people thought it was ridiculous that he said it – but I heard people in AEW saying the same thing. A lot of it.

When people in WWE, and when people in AEW, who have a lot of friends in WWE, see Tony accusing the entire company – ‘The entire company is evil, we are battling an evil company’ – a lot of people take exception to that.

The truth is in the middle. It is not only Vince (McMahon), but it is certainly not the entire company.”

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