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People In WWE Are Pushing Triple H To Sign Released AEW Wrestler

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QT Marshall has announced his departure from AEW, expressing a desire to focus more on in-ring performances rather than a backstage coaching role.

There are mixed opinions within AEW regarding the presentation of wrestling, with Marshall advocating for a more entertainment-based approach. He reportedly disapproved of certain shifts in creative direction, feeling that AEW was not telling compelling stories.

QT Marshall appeared in QTV segments during the early days of AEW Collision. However, CM Punk opposed Marshall’s involvement, especially in relation to Powerhouse Hobbs’ presentation. According to WrestlePurists, Punk didn’t see QTV as a productive part of Powerhouse Hobbs’ presentation.

When QTV segments were removed, Tony Khan took responsibility, straining his relationship with Marshall.

The latter felt there was a lack of transparency about the reasons behind the removal, believing that CM Punk was responsible and distrusting Khan’s admission of fault.

According to Haus of Wrestling, QT’s backstage influence was on a decline after Cody Rhodes left AEW:

“Following Rhodes’ departure from AEW, Marshall’s backstage influence began to deteriorate quickly. While still liked by many, others closer to those in power were given a chance to work alongside Khan.

At the same time, Marshall had become vocal about his desire to work as an in-ring performer rather than a backstage coach. Due to those reasons, everyone I have spoken with in AEW and WWE since Marshall’s announcement last night has not been surprised by his decision.”

Cody Rhodes tweeted the following about QT’s departure from AEW:

“Did the work – was essential in making so many memories for fans & has been so instrumental in helping countless wrestlers. A pros’ PRO. We almost became friends ha. I can’t wait to see what you do next! An OG and outstanding ‘num 2’ through his tenure. Congratulations QT on the run so far.”

In an update from Fightful Select, people in WWE are pushing Chief Content Officer Triple H to sign QT, as they feel he could help in multiple roles.

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