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Pete Gas Says JBL Working Stiff Is An Understatement, Reveals How He Earned JBL’s Respect

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During a recent interview with CBS Local Sports, former WWF wrestler Pete Gas was asked about former WWE Champion JBL working stiff back in the day.

Pete Gas noted that JBL working stiff is an understatement and revealed a story on how he earned JBL’s respect:

“Stiff is an understatement. It’s understandable because those guys paid their dues… JBL beat the heck out of me with a chair one night and literally wrapped it around my head. When we went backstage, I stuck out my hand. I think he was expecting me to be a little hot, but instead I shook his hand and said thank you. Basically it was my way of saying ‘you brought it and I took it and I can handle it.’

He told me months afterward that was the day I earned his respect. It didn’t happen overnight, but after a while they started to accept us for being there and respecting the fact we were putting them all over. I think I took every finishing move in the business… I would take every finisher again tomorrow. That’s how much I love this business.”

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