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7. The Big Show Talks About The Worst Thing He Has Done In Professional Wrestling

During a recent appearance on Talk Is Jericho podcast, former WWF Champion The Big Show talked about the worst thing he has ever done in Professional Wrestling. Below is what he said:

“There has been a lot of stuff I’ve done has been absolutely horrendous. But I think for me personally, the worst thing I’ve done was when Vince McMahon made me do the ‘Baby New Year’ thing because it was so freakin’ awkward. He had me in a freakin’ diaper with a New Year hat and he wanted me dancing and all I could think of, it was like some billionaire m@sturbating video where he has got some fat guy. You can imagine Vince in some dark room looking at it on a big screen, like, ‘yeah, now $hit in the diaper, you fat ba$tard! $hit in the diaper! That’s it!’ It was just so uncomfortable.”

Big Show then talked about the possible reason why Vince McMahon made him do that:

“I got fat, so he goes, ‘so you’re a fat New Year Baby. Maybe you should lose some weight.’ But that’s the kind of relationship I’ve had with him, ‘he’s getting fat – I need to motivate him. Let me embarrass him.’ Do you know what I mean? The diaper worked. That insane, crazy Vincent Kennedy McMahon actually does know more than I do. He’s actually a smart guy. Believe it or not, he’s a brilliant individual. That’s funny. That literally was the most awkward thing I’ve done.”

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