Portland Wrestling / Pacific Northwest Wrestling (1980)

3/1/80 …..Roddy Piper vs Luke Williams Hair Match

3/1/80….. Butch Miller/Buddy Rose Interview

3/15/80… Sheepherders vs Roddy Piper & Rick Martell (2/3 falls)

3/15/80….Piper/Martell/Rose/Sheepherders Post Match Interview

3/22/80….Buddy Rose vs Steve Pardee (2/3 falls…Pardee does a massive blade

3/22/80….Piper Interview

4/26/80….Rose vs Martell

5/3/80…..Sheepherders vs Piper & Martell (2/3/falls)

5/3/80…..Sheepherders/Rose/Piper/Martell/Sandy Barr Post Match Interview

5/17/80….Rose vs Martell (2/3 falls…ends with run in from Sheepherders/Piper &
Dutch Savage)

5/17/80….Dutch Savage Interview

5/17/80….Rose’s Army Interview (Rose & Sheepherders)

5/24/80….Martell/Piper Interview

5/24/80….Savage/Piper/Martell vs Rose’s Army (2/3 falls)

5/24/80….Rose’s Army Interview

5/31/80….Rose’s Army Interview

5/31/80….Sheepherders vs Piper/Martell (2/3 falls…Rose run in loses match for
Miller/Williams, who turn on Rose and become faces)

5/31/80….Piper/Martell Interview

5/31/80….Sheepherders Post Match Interview (bloody)

5/31/80….Igor Volkoff vs Mike Hennessy

5/31/80….Rose Interview (Butch Miller run in)

6/7/80…..Piper/Martell Interview

6/7/80…..Sheepherders Interview

6/7/80…..Miller vs Rose (2/3 falls that ends with a locker room emptying in-ring
pull apart)

6/7/80…..Rose Interview

6/7/80…..Miller Post Match Interview (bloody)

6/14/80…Battle Royal with Roddy Piper, Rick Martell, Tony Borne, Buddy Rose, Rip
Rogers, Butch Miller, Luke Williams, Steve Pardee, Chris Colt, Mike Hennessy,
Igol Volkoff & Sal Martino……the last three in the ring are Rose, Williams &
Miller, until a masked “fan” enters the ring with a cane. It’s the return of
Ed Wiskowski. Since this was a few weeks after the eruption of Mt. St.
Helens, the face mask was a common sight around Portland. It looks like
security really thought it was a fan as they also entered the ring!

6/14/80….Wiskowski/Rose Interview

6/21/80…Rip Rogers vs Piper (2/3 falls)

6/21/80…Rogers & Rose Interview

6/21/80…Piper Interview

6/21/80…Miller vs Rose

6/21/80…Piper/Sheepherders Interview

6/21/80…Rose/Wiskowski/Rogers Interview (loser leave town agreement)

7/5/80…..Ed Wiskowski Interview

7/5/80…..Rose/Wiskowski vs Sheepherders (2/3/falls)

7/5/80…..Rose/Wiskowski Interview

7/5/80…..Dutch Savage/Roddy Piper/Sheepherders (Miller & Williams) Interview

7/12/80…Sheepherders vs Igor Volkoff/Rocky Delessarra (Rose/Wiskowski run in)

7/12/80…Rose/Wiskowski Interview…with two of Rose’s “ladies”

7/12/80…Martell vs Wiskowski (2/3 falls)

7/12/80…Piper Interview

7/12/80…Sheepherders/Rose/Wiskowski/Cortez Interview

7/19/80…Jesse Barr vs Piper

7/19/80…Rose Interview

7/19/80…Jonathan Boyd/Sheepherders vs Rose/Wiskowski/Fidel Cortez (first fall
only….rest of match is on disc #43)

7/19/80….Sheepherders Interview

7/19/80….Final two falls of Boyd/Sheepherders vs Rose/Wiskowski/Cortez from Disc

7/19/80….Martell Interview

7/19/80….Sheepherders Interview

7/26/80….Boyd vs Piper

7/26/80….Sheepherders Interview

7/26/80….Boyd Interview

7/26/80….Rose Interview

7/26/80….Sheepherders announce they are leaving PNW and want to give their tag
belts to Piper & Martell

8/2/80…..Rose Interview

8/2/80…..Rose/Wiskowski vs Piper/Martell (2/3 falls)

8/2/80…..Martell Interview

8/2/80…..Boyd Interview

8/2/80…..Piper/Martell Interview

8/9/80…..Rose/Martell (2/3 falls)

8/9/80…..Piper Interview

8/9/80…..Rose Interview

8/9/80…..Tough Tony Borne vs Roddy Piper

8/9/80…..Martell gets some kind of trophy and guess what? Rose comes to the
ring and destroys it!

8/16/80…..Rose/Wiskowski Interview….Rose strips down to a Superman costume!

8/16/80…..Piper Interview

8/16/80…..Piper vs Igor Volkoff

8/16/80…..Boyd Interview

8/16/80…..Piper Interview

8/23/80….Rose vs Mike Popovitch…..Popovitch was a star football player for the
Oregon Ducks who just happened to come out of the crowd when Don Owen announced
that he was “short of wrestlers tonight.”

8/23/80….Rose/Wiskowski Interview

8/23/80….Piper/Wiskowski…, end of this 2/3 falls match

8/23/80….Piper/Wiskowski….end of match that is started on Disc #44 (Rose run

8/23/80….Boyd Interview

8/23/80….Piper post match interview (bloody)

8/30/80….Rose/Wiskowski Interview

8/30/80….Mike Popovitch/Ed Wiskowski (2/3 falls)

8/30/80….Rose with his newest Army member, Rip Oliver Interview

8/30/80….Battle Royal with Mike Popovitch, Fidel Cortez, Buddy Rose, Rip Oliver,
Stan Stasiak, Eric Emery, Ed Wiskowski, Ricky Hunter, Rocky Delessarra, Johnny
Boyd, Joe Lightfoot & Chris Colt

8/30/80….Rose/Wiskowski/Cortez Interview

9/??/80….Rose Interview

9/??/80….Piper Interview

9/??/80….Dutch Savage Interview

9/6/80……Rip Oliver/Buddy Rose/Roddy Piper/Mike Popovitch (last few minutes of
the match)

9/6/80……Rose post match interview.…Piper runs in and takes off Rose famous mask
with the blonde hair

9/13/80….Rose/Piper (2/3 falls)

9/13/80….Rose’s Army post match interview

9/20/80….Boyd Interview

9/20/80….Rose Interview

9/20/80….Oliver/Cortez Interview

9/20/80….Gene Kininski

9/20/80….Boyd/Popovitch Interview

9/27/80….Rose’s Army Interview talking about Piper losing a loser leave town
match on 9/20

9/27/80….Popovitch vs Cortez (2/3 falls ends with Rose & Boyd run in)

9/27/80….Rose/Oliver Interview

9/27/80….Boyd Interview

9/27/80….Boyd/Popovitch/Joe Lightfoot post match interview

3/1/80 – 22:00

Buddy Rose/Sheepherders Int

Roddy Piper Int

Frank Dusek Int

Roddy Piper/Luke Williams Hair Match

Butch Miller/Buddy Rose Post Match Int

9/6/80 – 39:00

Rose Int

Piper Int

Rip Oliver/Buddy Rose – Roddy Piper/Mike Popovitch 2/3

Dutch Savage Int

Johnny Boyd Int

Rose/Piper Post Match Int – Piper removes Rose’s hair mask

9/13/80 – 25:00

Rose – Int

Rose – Piper 2/3

Rose/Oliver/Fidel Cortez/Piper Post Match Int

Boyd Int
9/27/80 – 5:00

Rose/Oliver/Cortez Int – celebrating Piper losing a loser leave town match against Rose
10/4/80 – 37:00

Rose/Oliver Cortez – Boyd/Popovitch/Joe Lightfoot 2/3

Rose/Oliver/Cortez (Rose’s Army) Int

Rose Post Match Int
Rose video 6:00

San Francisco TV “Is Pro Wrestling Real?” story featuring Rose & Jimmy Snuka

10/11/80 – 47:00

Popovitch/Boyd/Rose – Int

End of Popovitch/Oliver match

Rose/Oliver/Cortez Int

Boyd/Rose 2/3

Jay Youngblood Int (returns to Portland)

Boyd/Popovitch Post Match Int

10/25/80 – 33:00

Rose/Oliver/Cortez Int

Boyd/Rose 2/3

Youngblood Int

Boyd Post Match Int

11/1/80 – 10:00

Army Int

Boyd Int

Oliver/Cortez – Youngblood/Lightfoot – end of match

Rose/Oliver/Youngblood/Lightfoot Post Match Int

1/8/80 – 43:00

Oliver/Rose Int

Rose/Oliver – Youngblood/Lightfoot 2/3

Rose/Oliver/Boyd Int

11/9/80…complete show w/ no commercials….1:12…GREAT QUALITY!!!
Buzz Sawyer vs Tiny Anderson (Sawyer is called Buzzsaw Kane)
Kangaroo Jonathon Boyd Interview
Destroyer (David Sierra) vs Eric Emery
Playboy Buddy Rose & Rip Oliver Interview
Rose/Oliver vs Jay Youngblood/Joe Lightfoot
Destroyer Interview
Rose/Oliver Interview w/ Boyd run-in

1/11/80 – 14:00

Boyd/Rose cage match – this is hand held video from a Tuesday “Portland Special” Referee Jay Youngblood gets attacked by Rose at the end
of the match

11/15/80 – 46:00

Rose/Oliver/Cortez/Destroyer Int

Youngblood/Lightfoot – Rose/Oliver 2/3

Rose – Int

Boyd – Int

Lightfoot/Youngblood/Buzz Sawyer Post Match Int (Sawyer is called “Buzzsaw Kane”)
11/22/80 – COMPLETE SHOW 1:27

Destroyer – Eric Embry (Boyd attackes Rose during intros)

Tiny Anderson – Sivi Afi

Rose’s Army Int

Boyd/Youngblood/Lightfoot/Sawyer – Rose/Oliver/Destroyer/Cortez 2/3 (Army turns on Cortez)

Boyd Int

Youngblood/Lightfoot Int

Rose/Oliver/Destroyer Post Match Int (Cortez runs in)

12/6/80 – 40:00

Rose/Oliver/Destroyer/Ed Wiskowski Int (Wiskowski returns to Portland)

Rose/Oliver/Destroyer – Cortez/Youngblood/Lightfoot 2/3 (Wiskowski & Sawyer run in)

Boyd/Lone Eagle/Cowboy Lang Int

Wiskowski/Rose Int

Sawyer/Youngblood/Lightfoot/Cortez Post Match Int
12/20/80 – 27:00

Youngblood Int (Rose run in)

Oliver – Embry (joined in progress) Boyd run in

Rose/Destroyer Int

Boyd Int

Battle Royal with Rose, Oliver, Destroyer, Wiskowski, Cortez, Sawyer, Boyd, Youngblood, Afi, Matt Borne, Rocky Delessara & Tiny

Sawyer/Youngblood Post Match Int (Rose run in)

Boyd/Cortez Int

12/27/80 – COMPLETE SHOW 1:30

Matt Borne – Rocky Delesara

Buzz Sayer – Tiny Anderson

Rose/Destroyer/Oliver Int (Rose is bleached blonde again after losing his hair match to Piper months earlier)

Ed Wiskowski – Sivi Afi

Youngblood Int

Youngblood – Rose 2/3

Boyd Int

Match……Rose, Sheepherders & Bass vs. Savage, Stasiak, Piper & Martell 1/5/80 (first fall…complete match is on tape #10)
Match……Rose & Chris Colt vs. Matt Borne & Iceman King Parsons 1/12/80
Interview…Rose 1/12/80
Match……Martell vs. Harley Race 1/12/80
Match……Frank Dusek vs. Dutch Savage (Dusek turns on Rose) 1/19/80
Interview…Rose & Sheepherders 1/19/80
Match……Rose & Stasiak (Johnny Eagles as ref) 1/19/80
Interview…Dusek 1/19/80

Interview…Rose & Sheepherders 2/18/80
Match……Rose & Dusek (Bass & Piper run-in) 2/18/80
Interview…Piper 2/18/80
Interview…Rose, Bass, Dusek & Piper 2/18/80

Interview…Piper & Rose 1/19/80

Match……Rose vs. Butch Miller 6/21/80 (lumberjack match)
Interview…Rose, Rip Rogers & Sheepherders 6/21/80

Match……Tiny Anderson & Eric Emery 11/18/80
Match……Jonathon Boyd vs. The Destroyer (AKA “The Assassin” & “Top Gun”) 11/18/80 (Starts with poor quality, but improves)
Interview…Rose, Rip Oliver, Destroyer & Fidel Cortez 11/18/80
Match……Rose & Oliver vs. Jay Youngblood & Joe Lightfoot 11/18/80
Interview…Rose 11/18/80
Interview…Boyd 11/18/80
Interview…Youngblood, Lightfoot, Boyd & Buzzsaw Kane (AKA Buzz Sawyer) 11/18/80

Match……Rose vs. Rick Martell (first fall only) 2/9/80
Interview…Rose 2/9/80

01. Hair Match:
Roddy Piper vs. Luke Williams – 1980/03/01
02. Northwest Tag Team Championship:

Rick Martel & Roddy Piper vs. Butch Miller & Luke Williams – 1980/03/15
03. 2/3 Falls:
Buddy Rose vs. Steve Pardee – 1980/04/12
04. 2/3 Falls:

Buddy Rose vs. Rick Martel – 1980/04/26
05. Northwest Tag Team Championship:

Rick Martel & Roddy Piper vs. Butch Miller & Luke Williams – 1980/05/03

06. 2/3 Falls for the Northwest Championship:

Buddy Rose vs. Rick Martel – 1980/05/10

07. 2/3 Falls:

Rick Martel & Roddy Piper & D. (Doug?) Savage vs. Butch Miller & Luke Williams & Buddy Rose – 1980/05/24

08. Northwest Tag Team Championship:

Rick Martel & Roddy Piper vs. Butch Miller & Luke Williams – 1980/05/31
09. Igor Volkoff vs. Mike Hennessey – 1980/05/31

01. 2/3 Falls:
Buddy Rose vs. Butch Miller – 1980/06/07

02. 14 Man Battle Royal – 1980/06/14

03. Roddy Piper vs. Rip Rogers – 1980/06/21

04. Lumberjack Match:
Buddy Rose vs. Butch Miller – 1980/06/21

05. Roddy Piper vs. Jesse Barr – 1980/07/19

06. 2/3 Falls:

Buddy Rose & Ed Wiskowski & Fidel Cortez vs. Butch Miller & Luke Williams & Lord Jonathan Boyd – 1980/07/19

07. Northwest Tag Team Championship:

Rick Martel & Roddy Piper vs. Buddy Rose & Ed Wiskowski – 1980/08/02

08. 2/3 Falls for the Northwest Championship:

Buddy Rose vs. Rick Martel – 1980/08/09

09. Roddy Piper vs. Tony Borne – 1980/08/09

01. Buddy Rose & Ed Wiskowski vs. Butch Miller & Luke Williams – 1980/07/05

02. Butch Miller & Luke Williams vs. Igor Volkoff & Rocky Della Serra – 1980/07/12

03. 2/3 Falls for the Northwest Championship:

Rick Martel vs. Ed Wiskowski – 1980/07/12

04. 2/3 Falls:

Roddy Piper vs. Igor Volkoff – 1980/08/16

05. Buddy Rose vs. Mike Popovich – 1980/08/23

06. 2/3 Falls:

Roddy Piper vs. Ed Wiskowski – 1980/08/23

07. Ed Wiskowski vs. Mike Popovich – 1980/08/30

08. 12 Man Battle Royal – 1980/08/30

09. Buddy Rose & Rip Oliver vs. Roddy Piper & Mike Popovich [partial] – 1980/09/06

10. 2/3 Falls for the Northwest Championship:

Buddy Rose vs. Roddy Piper – 1980/09/13

11. 2/3 Falls:

Mike Popovich vs. Fidel Cortez – 1980/09/27

01. Mike Popovich vs. Rip Oliver [partial] – 1980/10/11

02. 2/3 Falls:

Buddy Rose vs. Jonathan Boyd – 1980/10/11

03. PORTLAND Channel 2 Feature

04. Northwest Tag Team Championship:

Jay Youngblood & Joe Lightfoot vs. Fidel Cortez & Rip Oliver – 1980/10/18

05. 2/3 Falls:

Buddy Rose vs. Jonathan Boyd – 1980/10/25

06. Northwest Tag Team Championship:

Jay Youngblood & Joe Lightfoot vs. Fidel Cortez & Rip Oliver – 1980/11/01

07. Jay Youngblood & Joe Lightfoot vs. Buddy Rose & Rip Oliver – 1980/11/08

08. Jonathan Boyd vs. The Destroyer – 1980/11/15

09. Northwest Tag Team Championship:

Jay Youngblood & Joe Lightfoot vs. Buddy Rose & Rip Oliver – 1980/11/29

01. Buddy Rose & Rip Oliver & Fidel Cortez & The Destroyer vs. Buzz Sawyer & Jonathan Boyd & Jay Youngblood & Joe Lightfoot
[partial] – 1980/11/22

02. Buddy Rose & Little Tokyo & Billy the Kid vs. Jonathan Boyd & Lone Eagle & Cowboy Lang – 1980/12/13

03. Buddy Rose vs. Jay Youngblood – 1980/12/27

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