Portland Wrestling / Pacific Northwest Wrestling (1982)

1/16/82 . COMPLETE SHOW 1:30

Lee . Crews

Dizzy Hogan . Curt Hennig

Rose/Oliver/Borne Int

Rose . Sawyer 2/3

Johnson Int

Steve Regal Int

Rose Post Match Int

2/6/82 . COMPLETE SHOW 1:30

Fargo . Parsons

Lee . Whitecloud

Borne/Rose/Hennig Int

Borne – Hennig

Regal/Sawyer . Rose/Oliver

Dizzy Hogan Int

Borne Int

Regal Int
2/13/82 . 42:00

Rose/Borne/Oliver Int

Sawyer . Rose 2/3 (Borne attacks regal before match)

Borne Int

Johnson Int

Regal Post Match Int

2/27/82 . COMPLETE SHOW 1:26

Sawyer . Whitecloud

Hogan . Crews

Regal Int

Johnson . Stasiak 2/3

Borne Int

Sawyer Int

Johnson Int
3/21/82 . 39:00

Rose/Oliver Int

Sawyer Int

Hennig . Rose 2/3 (Oliver run in)

Ric Flair clip from Japan

Rose/Oliver Int

Johnson/Parson Int

4/2/82 . 40:00

Rose/Oliver/Borne Int

Curt & Larry Hennig . Rose/Oliver 2/3

Sawyer Int

Rose/Oliver Int

Hennigs Post Match Int
4/10/82….1:28…Complete show w/original commercials….video is grainy, but very watchable
Stan Stasiak vs Sivi Afi
Rocky Johnson Interview
Ric Flair vs Brett Sawyer
Curt & Larry Hennig Interview
Playboy Buddy Rose Interview
Ric Flair Interview
Dizzy Hogan vs King Parsons
Rocky Johnson vs Chung Lee
Ric Flair/Buddy Rose Interview
Rose/Oliver/Borne Int
5/8/82….complete show w/ commercials after the first match is joined 1:15
Curt Hennig vs Billy Whitecloud (joined in progress)
Rocky Johnson vs Mike Miller
David Schultz Interview
Andre the Giant & Brett “Hack” Sawyer vs Matt Borne/ Rip Oliver/Dizzy Hogan (2/3 falls)
Curt Hennig Interview
Tommy Rogers Interview
Andre/Brett Sawyer/Rocky Johnson Interview

5/15/82….complete show w/ commercials 1:29
Chris Adams vs Dizzy “Brutus Beefcake” Hogan
David Schultz vs Sivi Afi
David Schultz Interview
Curt Hennig vs Rip Oliver (2/3 falls)
Brett Sawyer/Tommy Rogers Interview
Chris Adams Interview
Hennig/Oliver Post Match Interview

5/22/82….complete show w/ commercials 1:27
Matt Borne vs Brett Sawyer
David Schultz vs Chris Adams
David Schultz Interview
Mike Miller/Dizzy Hogan vs Brett Sawyer/Tommy Rogers (2/3 falls…Miller has BLONDE hair!!!)
Rip Oliver/Matt Borne Interview
Curt Hennig Interview
Brett Sawyer/Tommy Rogers Interview
Buddy Rose & Hulk Hogan as a tag team in Japan….I don’t know who they are wrestling as the audio is in Japanese
Buddy Rose Interview as he talks about being back from Japan
Buddy Rose/Matt Borne vs Brett Sawyer/Tommy Rogers (2/3 falls….Borne turns on Rose)
Rip Oliver Interview
David Schultz Interview
Matt Borne Post Match Interview
6/5/82 . 27:00

Death of Alan Tonkin Announcement

Rose/Oliver/Wendy Ritcher/Joyce Grable Int

Johnson/Sawyer Int

Borne . Rose (ends in locker room run in)

Borne Int

6/19/82 . 40:00

Rose/Oliver Int

Rose . Borne 2/3

Johnson/Sawyer Int

David Shultz Int

Borne Post Match Int
Tommy Rogers vs Tiny Anderson
Sandy Barr vs Rip Oliver
Buddy Rose/Rip Oliver Interview
Dizzy Hogan/David Schultz vs Rocky Johnson/Brett Sawyer (2/3 falls with a Rose run in)
Curt Hennig Interview
Buddy Rose/David Schultz Interview (Rose tries to get Schultz to join him, but is turned down)
Chris Adams vs Playboy Buddy Rose (2/3 falls) 2/26/83…..this is from a previously dubbed tape
6/26/82 . 31:00
Oliver/Rose Int
Rose – Hennig 2/3
David Shultz Int
Oliver/Rose/Hennig Post Match Int
7/3/82….complete show w/ no commercials 1:10
Dizzy Hogan vs Chris Adams
David Schultz vs Tommy Rogers
Rip Oliver/Buddy Rose Interview
Buddy Rose vs Curt Hennig (2/3 falls with a Schultz run-in….he attacks Rose, then Hennig)
Brett Sawyer/Rocky Johnson Interview
David Schultz Interview
Buddy Rose Interview
Brett Sawyer Interview
Buddy Rose vs David Schultz (brief)
Buddy Rose/Rip Oliver Interview
Buddy Rose/Rip Oliver vs Rocky Johnson/Brett Sawyer (2/3 falls with a Schultz run-in)
Dizzy Hogan Interview (He was bad on the stick back then as well.)
Curt Hennig Interview
David Schultz Interview
7/17/82….complete show w/no commercials 1:13
Dizzy Hogan vs Tommy Rogers
Chris Adams vs Mike Miller
Rip Oliver vs Steve Pardee (2/3 falls)
Rocky Johnson Interview
Chris Adams Interview
Buddy Rose/Rip Oliver Interview

Dizzy Hogan vs Steve Pardee
Buddy Rose Interview with 1:30 clips of his match with David Schultz the previous Tuesday
David Schultz vs Curt Hennig (2/3 falls joined in progress in first fall)
Rip Oliver Interview
Brett Sawyer/Rocky Johnson Interview
David Schultz Interview
7/31/82 . COMPLETE SHOW 1:30
Announcement of death of Portland Wrestling legend Shag Thomas
Tommy Rogers . Chris Adams
Mike Miller . Rocky Johnson
Rose/Oliver Int
Shultz/Rose 2/3
Johnson/Sawyer Int
Steve Pardee Int
Shultz Post Match Int
8/21/82…complete show w/ commercials 1:25
Ali Hassan vs Tommy Rogers
Mike Miller vs Steve Pardee
Buddy Rose/Rip Oliver Interview
Buddy Rose vs David Schultz in a CAGE MATCH
David Schultz Post Match Interview
Assassin vs Brett “Hack” Sawyer (2/3 falls)
Brett Sawyer Interview
9/18/82….1:28…Complete show w/ original commercials…Frank Bonnema’s last show
Tommy Rogers vs TG Stone
Shiek Ali Hassan vs Terry Gibbs
Terry Gibbs Interview
Rip Oliver vs Steve Pardee
Brett Sawyer Interview
Stan Stasiak Interview
Rip Oliver/Assassin Interview

Frank Bonnema mentions a show coming up with Roddy Piper where Frank will be the special ring announcer. Frank says the show is on Oct.
10…Frank would pass away on Oct. 5.)

9/25/82…1:28…Complete show w/original commercials…show is hosted by Dutch Savage & Chuck Grindell
TG Stone vs Steve Pardee
Mike Miller vs Terry Gibbs
Playboy Buddy Rose video promoting his return to Portland & match with Ric Flair
Rip Oliver vs Brett “Hacksaw” Sawyer
Buzz Sawyer video to promote his return to Portland to tag with brother Hacksaw
Brett Sawyer Interview
Another Rose video…this one with Vince McMahon
10/9/82…1:13….Complete show without commercials
The show begins with the announcement of the death of longtime Portland Wrestling announcer Frank Bonnema
Paul Ellering vs Stan Stasiak
Playboy Buddy Rose video with The Grand Wizard & Vince McMahon promoting his Portland match with Ric Flair
Chris Adams vs Mike Miller
Paul Ellering Interview
Rip Oliver/Shiek Ali Hassan/Assassin vs Hack Sawyer/Terry Gibbs/Steve Pardee
Sawyer/Gibbs/Pardee Interview

10/9/82….30:00….GREAT QUALITY!!! (complete show is on Disc #24)
Announcement of the death of longtime “Portland Wrestling” announcer, Frank Bonnema
Intro of Paul Ellering vs Stan Stasiak match as Don Owen pays tribute to Frank Bonnema
Buddy Rose with The Grand Wizard Interview conducted by Vince McMahon
Paul Ellering Interview in his Portland debut (After a big build up, he stayed in the area for only three weeks!)
Rip Oliver/Assassin/Ali Hassen vs Brett Sawyer/Terry Gibbs/Steve Pardee (first fall only)
12/18/82…..complete show w/no commercials 1:18
Chief Tapu vs Billy Whitecloud
Shiek Ali Hassan vs Tommy Rogers
Playboy Buddy Rose Interview
Stan Stasiak vs Great Tia
Oliver’s Clan Interview (Rip Oliver/The Shiek/Assassin)
Chris Colt vs Billy Jack
Chris Adams/Brett Sawyer Interview
Playboy Buddy Rose vs Steve Pardee

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