Portland Wrestling / Pacific Northwest Wrestling (1983)

2/19/83 . COMPLETE SHOW 1:29

Christ Colt . Tommy Rogers

Stasiak . Great Tia

Oliver/Assassin Int

Adams . Anderson

Billy Jack Int

Sawyer/Adams – Oliver/Assassin

Borne Int

Sawyer/Adams Post Match Int (cuts off right before the end)

2/26/83 . 30:00

Rose Int

Rose/Adams 2/3

Billy Jack Int
3/12/83 . COMPLETE SHOW 1:30

Dean Ho . Chief Tapu

Billy Jack . Rip Oliver (Assassin & Ali Hassan in cage)

Assassin/Oliver/Hassan Int

Chris Colt – Ron Ritchie

Jack/Stasiak Int

Stasiak . Rose 2/3

Hennig taped interview to promote his comeback

Rose Int
3/19/83 . COMPLETE SHOW 1:11 (no commercials)

Ho . Colt

Jack . Tia

Oliver/Assassin/Hassan Int

Rose . Pardee 2/3

Hennig taped interview

Jack . Int

Hassan/Rose Int

3/26/83…has some tracking issues
Playboy Buddy Rose vs Curt Henning
Curt Hennig Interview
Playboy Buddy Rose Interview….from his bed as Hennig has “injured” him

4/9/83 . 1:02

Jesse Barr . Tapu

Jack . Tia

Oliver/Assassin/Hassan Int

Hennig . Convict (Ed Wiskowski)

Brian Adidas Int

Stasiak . Scott Ferris 2/3

Jack Int

Jack/Hennig Int
4/10/83…has some tracking issues
End of Curt Hennig/Billy Jack vs Convict/Ali Hassan match (Convict is Ed Wiskowski, who played the gimmick for a few weeks)
Convict Interview
Curt Hennig Interview
Roddy Piper Interview from Atlanta promoting his upcoming Portland match with Ric Flair
The Assassin vs Jesse Barr (joined in progress)
5/7/83…..Minor tracking issues
Jesse Barr vs Chris Colt
4/16/83 . 50:00

Assassin . Jesse Barr (joined in progress)

Rose Int (taped while .injured & resting in bed.)

Jack/Hennig – Convict/Hassan

Ric Flair Clip

Oliver Int

Convict/Hennig Int

4/23/83 . COMPLETE SHOW 1:13 (no commercials)

Adidas . Tapu

Colt . Ferris

Oliver/Assassin/Hassan Int

Oliver . Ritchie

Al Madrill/Billy Jack Int

Hennig- Convict 2/3

Hassan Int

Hennig Int (Hassan run in)

4/23/83…has some tracking issues from time to time
Convict vs Curt Hennig – final fall
Curt Hennig Interview with Shiek Ali Hassan run in to bloddy up Hennig
4/30/83…with original commercials…38:00
Rip Oliver vs Jesse Barr (joined in progress)
Shiek/Assassin Interview
Curt Hennig vs Shiek in Iranian Death Match
Rip Oliver/Assassin Interview
Curt Hennig/Billy Jack Interview

4/30/83 . COMPLETE SHOW 1:22

Adidas . Colt

Stasiak . Ferris

Roddy Piper taped Int

Oliver . Jesse Bar (Oliver debuts his .Carry Out Service. stretcher)

Hassan/Assassin Int

Hennig/Hassan Iranian Death Match 2/3

Oliver/Assassin Int

Hennig/Jack Post Match Int
5/7/83 . COMPLETE SHOW 1:12 (no commercials)

Barr – Colt

Stasiak . Manny Cruz

Rose Int

Assassin . Hennig

Madrill Int

Madrill/Jack . Hassan/Tia 2/3

Oliver/Assassin/Hassan Int

Hennig Int

5/7/83 . 35:00 (Big Time Wrestling)

Ritchie . Rose

Oliver/Assassin Int

Battle Royal with Rose, Oliver, Assassin, Hassan, Stasiak, Hennig, Jack, Madrill, Cruz, Ferris, Ritchie, Colt, Tapu, Tia & Barr

Rose/Hennig Post Battle Royal Int
5/7/83…has some tracking issues from time to time
Playboy Buddy Rose Interview as he returns from his injury
End of Assassin/Curt Hennig match as Rose runs in
Buddy Rose vs Ron Richie
Battle Royal featuring Buddy Rose, Curt Hennig, Assassin, Billy Jack, Chris Colt, Al Madril, Brian Adidas, The Shiek, Manny Cruz, Cheif Tapu
& Great Tia
Buddy Rose/Curt Hennig post battle royal interview

5/14/83….tracking is still an issue from time to time
Roddy Piper Interview
Buddy Rose vs Curt Hennig
Buddy Rose/Curt Hennig Interview
Ric Flair Interview

5/14/83 . 2:08 (Complete Card – Portland & Seattle TV)

Adidas . Tia

Stasiak . Barr

Ric Flair Interview

Ritchie . Tapu

Oliver/Assassin/Fidel Cortez Int

Roddy Piper Interview

Rose . Hennig (Curt gets busted open)

Rose/Hennig Post Match Int

End of Portland TV

Seattle/Big Time Wrestling

Colt . Ferris

Roddy Piper & Scott Ferris Interview

Assassin . Manny Cruz

Hennig/Billy Jack Int

Ric Flair/Rip Oliver . Roddy Piper/Billy Jack 2/3

Oliver/Assassin Int

Rose Int (Hennig run in)
5/21/83 . COMPLETE SHOW 1:25

Colt . Adidas

Stasiak . Tia

Oliver/Assassin Int (Oliver challenges Billy Jack to weightlifting contest)

Jack/Hennig . Oliver/Assassin 2/3

Jack/Oliver Int (Jack accepts contest challenge)

Al Madrill Int

Hennig Post Match Int
5/28/83 . COMPLETE SHOW 1:15

Colt . Adidas

Assassin . Ferris

Oliver/Assassin Int They are looking for third member of .Oliver.s Clan. Rose comes up to say he.s looking for a new partner. This is the first
part of the Rose eventual face turn.

Rose . Hennig 2/3

Jack/Hennig Int

Jack Int

Rose Post Match Int

5/28/83 . BIG TIME WRESTLING 57:00

Oliver . Jack Weightlifting Contest

Assassin/Oliver Int

Ron Starr . Al Madrill

Hennig Int

Ritchie . Tia

Barr . Tapu

Jack Int
6/4/83 COMPLETE SHOW 1:19

Adidas . Tia

Tapu . Afi

Rose Int as he announces Dynamite Kid as his new partner.Oliver comes up to say he was trying to sign DK

Hennig/Jack . Oliver/Assassin 2/3

Rose/Oliver/Assassin Int

Hennig/Jack Int

6/25/83…..1:08…GREAT QUALITY!!!
Scott Ferris vs Ron Richie (partial)
Buddy Rose/Curt Hennig/Billy Jack vs Dynamite Kid/Rip Oliver/Assassin
Buddy Rose/Billy Jack/Curt Hennig Interview
Buddy Rose/Billy Jack Interview after Hennig is injured
Al Madril vs Chris Colt
Dynamite Kid/Rip Oliver/Assassin Interview

7/23/83…1:00…7/23/83….GREAT QUALITY!!!
Curt Hennig/Scott Ferris (joined in progress)
Rip Oliver/Assassin Interview
Rip Oliver//Assassin vs Buddy Rose/Billy Jack
Buddy Rose/Billy Jack/Curt Hennig Interview
Curt Hennig Interview
Rip Oliver/Assassin/Buddy Rose/Billy Jack/Curt Hennig post match interview
Curt Hennig/Buddy Rose/Billy Jack Interview
Rip Oliver/Assassin vs Billy Jack/Buddy Rose (complete third fall only)

8/13/83 . COMPLETE SHOW 1:22

Tia . Adidas

Tapu . Afi

Dynamite Kid/Oliver/Assassin (new .Clan.) Int

Rose/Jack . Oliver/Assassin 2/3

Clan Int

Hennig/Rose/Jack Int
8/20/83 . COMPLETE SHOW 1:04

Tia . Afi

Mike Miller . Tapu

Jack/Adidas/Rose/Hennig Int

Adidas/Rose . Oliver/Assassin 2/3 (Adidas/Rose win tag belts)

Hennig Int

Clan Int

Oliver/Assassin Post Match Int

8/27/83 . COMPLETE SHOW 1:08

Jules Strongbow . Tia

Borne . Madrill

Clan Int

Jack . Ferris

Rose Int

Rose/Adidas . Oliver/Assassin 2/3

Jack/Hennig/Strongbow Int

Clan Int
Jules Strongbow vs The Great Tia (end of match)
Matt Borne vs Al Madrill (first 4:00)
Billy Jack vs Scott Ferris (end of match)
Playboy Buddy Rose Interview
Jules Strongbow, Billy Jack & Curt Hennig Interview
9/3/83….1:00….GREAT QUALITY!!!
Brian Adias vs Mike Miller
Al Madril vs Jules Strongbow
Dynamite Kid/Rip Oliver/Assassin Interview
Dynamite Kid/Assassin vs Playboy Buddy Rose/Curt Hennig
Buddy Rose/Curt Hennig/Billy Jack Interview (2x)
Rip Oliver/Dynamite Kid/Assassin Interview
9/10/83…1:15…Complete show w/ a few commercials…GREAT QUALITY!!!
Scott Ferris vs Sivi Afi
Mike Miller vs Al Madril
Rip Oliver/Dynamite Kid/Assassin Interview
Playboy Buddy Rose/Curt Hennig/Billy Jack vs Dynamite Kid/Rip Oliver/Assassin
Buddy Rose Interview
Rip Oliver/Dynamite Kid/Assassin Interview
Buddy Rose/Curt Hennig/Billy Jack Interview

9/24/83 . COMPLETE SHOW 1:06

Adidas . Afi

Miller . Strongbow

Clan Int

Dutch Savage announces his retirement from Portland Wrestling

Rose . Dynamite Kid 2/3

Hennig/Jack Int

Rose Int

Oliver/Assassn Int
10/1/83 . COMPLETE SHOW 1:29

Borne . Adidas

Dynamite Kid . Afi

Clan Int

Assassin . Billy Jack 2/3

Rose/Dynamite Kid Hair Match Promo

Tokyo Joe . Tiny Tom Int

Oliver/DK Int

10/8/83 . COMPLETE SHOW 1:30

Stan Stasiak debuts as new announcer

Ali Hassan . Mark Savage

Borne . Strongbow

Harley Race . Ric Flair clip ro promote upcoming Race matches in Portland

Ferris . Afi

Rose/Jack Int

Oliver . Madrill

Hassan Int (attacks Oliver)

Oliver/Assassin Int

10/15/83 . 23:00

Oliver – Hassan (joined in progress)

Clan Post Match Int

Hassan Post Match Int

Jack/Hennig/Strongbow Int

Rose Int
10/22/83 . COMPLETE SHOW 1:26

Strongbow . Ferris

Assassin . Hennig

Strongbow Int

Harley Race . Billy Jack 2/3 For NWA Belt

Rose/Hennig Int

DK/Assassin Int
10/29/83 . COMPLETE SHOW 1:10

Jerry O . Adidas

Strongbow . Oliver

Strongbow Int .Clan runs in & cuts up his head dress

DK/Assassin . Rose/Hennig 2/3

Clan Int

Rose/Hennig Int

Strongbow Int

11/12/82 13:00 (black & white!)

Rose/Strongbow Int

End of Jack . Oliver match

Jack Post Match Int

11/17/83 . SALEM TV WRESTLING 57:00

Chavo Guerrero . Tapu

Guerrero Int

Rose . Assassin

Rose/Assassin Post Match Int

Oliver – Jack . bull rope match

Jack Post Match Int

DK . Jerry O

Oliver/Assassin Int
Dynamite Kid/Assassin vs Buddy Rose/Billy Jack
11/24/83 . SALEN TV WRESTLING 1:00

Strongbow . Tapu

Jack Int

DK . Madrill

Madrill/Strongbow Int

Assassin . Rose (no finish shown as TV time ran out)

Clan Int
Buddy Rose vs Assassin
12/3/83 . 44:00

Tapu . Jerry O

Oliver Int

Borne . Madrill 2/3

Clan Int

Jack Int

12/17/83 . COMPLETE SHOW 1:14

Madrill . Oliver

Rose Int

Strongbow . Tia

Clan Int

DK/Oliver/Assassin . Hennig/Jack/Rose 2/3

Oliver Int

Hennig/Jack/Rose Int

Scott McGee/Hennig/Jack Int

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