Portland Wrestling / Pacific Northwest Wrestling (1990)

6th January 1990
Jonathon Holiday vs Bill Francis
“Latin Lover” Al Madril vs Steve Doll
PNW Tag Team Champion: Brian Adams & Grappler vs Beetlejuice & Jeff Warner
Rip Oliver vs PNW Champion: Scotty the Body (with Victoria)
Equalizer vs PNW TV Champion: Rex King (debut of Equalizer)
4/14/90….complete show with commercials
(features Scotty The Body & Taylor Made Media (Terri Power) on commentary)
Ricky Santana vs Joey Jackson
Curtis Thompson vs Bill Francis
Scott the Body arm wrestling challenge is won by a surprise appearance by Roddy Piper!!!
Billy Jack Haynes/Rip Oliver/Larry Oliver vs Grappler/Brian Adams/Equalizer (This is Billy Jack’s infamous heel turn!)
Billy Jack Haynes post match (shoot-) interview
The Juicers (Art Barr & JW Storm) vs Scott the Body & Al Madrill
Billy Jack cheats to draw Larry Oliver’s name in next week’s PNW belt tournement
4/21/90 – COMPLETE SHOW 1:30

PNW Belt Tournament

Recap of Billy Jack Haynes heel turn the previous week

Curtis Thompson – Brian Adams

Beetlejuice/Big Juice (Jeff Warner) Int

Taylor Made Media (Terri Power) Int

Beetlejuice – Big Juice

Grappler – Equalizer

Billy Jack Int (Rip Oliver run in)

Larry Oliver – Billy Jack

Brian Adams Int

Beetlejuice – Ricky Santana

Madrill/Equalizer/Power Int

Larry Oliver – Grappler

Larry Oliver – Brian Adams (Jack & Rip Oliver run in)

Adams Post Match Int

4/28/90 – COMPLETE SHOW 1:11

Scott Norton/Larry Oliver/Billy Jack Int

Rip Oliver – Morretti

Madrill/Power Int (Power strips down and does a pose down)

Madrill/Ricky Santana

Norton – Adams arm wrestling contest

Jack – Bill Francis

Larry Oliver/Billy Jack Int

Curtis Thomson – Larry Oliver (Jack & Rip run in)

Jack Int

Adams – Scotty the Body (Grappler run in as Scotty-s face turn starts)

Scotty Int

Juicers – Grappler/Equalizer (show ends during match)

Rip Oliver Int

5/5/90 – COMPLETE SHOW 1:12

Jonathon Holiday/Grappler Int

Equalizer – Thompson

Adams – Santana

Adams/Beetlejuice Int

L. Oliver/Jack – I Quit match (Jack slaps promoter Barry Owen)

Rip Oliver/Barry Owen Int

Scotty – Grappler (Ginger & Taylor Made run in)

Scotty/Ginger/Taylor Int

Juicers – Morretti/Madrill
5/12/90 – COMPLETE SHOW 1:20

Scott Norton Int

Juicers – Thompson/Santana 2/3 (Thompson/Santana turn heel)

Santana/Thompson Int (Now call themselves -US Male-)

Norton – Adams

Rip Oliver – Equalizer (Norton & Jack run in)

Adams/Jack/Norton/Oliver Int

Madrill – Larry Oliver

Grappler Int (Scotty run in)

Scotty – Grappler (shows ends before match ends)

Jack/Adams Int

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