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14. Eric Bischoff On If Conor McGregor Has A Better Chance Of Beating Floyd Mayweather Than CM Punk Had Against Mickey Gall

During a recent edition of “Bischoff on Wrestling” podcast, Eric Bischoff discussed the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor bxoing match and if McGregor has a better chance of beating Mayweather than CM Punk had against Mickey Gall & more. Below are the highlights:

On if Floyd Mayweather will win this fight easily because it’s a boxing match:

“They are boxing rules and that’s, no doubt, an advantage to Floyd Mayweather but Conor McGregor is going to come at Floyd from different angles. Connor is not your typical boxer. While I would agree that Floyd should have a decided advantage because it is boxing rules I would not be surprised, and won’t be surprised, if Conor McGregor puts Floyd Mayweather in a situation that Floyd just doesn’t know how to react to. He’s not used to fighting someone like a Conor McGregor. Conor will be coming at him from different angles. Conor’s going to have a different ring style, pace, approach and sometimes different can be very effective.”

On if McGregor has a better chance of winning than CM Punk did against Mickey Gall:

“Oh my God, absolutely. Absolutely. At least Conor McGregor is a fighter. It’s not like he’s never thrown a punch. It’s not like he’s never been hit. He’s a fighter. CM Punk wasn’t a fighter. It’s not even a close comparison.”

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