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13. Sunny Hospitalized, Lashes Out At People Who Think She’s An Escort

WWE Hall of Famer Sunny was hospitalized twice in a week’s time and is still hospitalized. She noted on Facebook that she passed out and fell. Below are some of her latest posts on Facebook:

“Why is it that when I meet a normal guy, and we’re getting along great, he disappears all of a sudden with no warning … he must find out what I do for a living. And that’s so judgmental and sucky. f*** you then. I don’t need you.”

“SO just now, on my way to the gym, I stopped for a sandwich because I’m starving. Some guy who recognized me took it upon himself to sit down at my table, start talking to me, and long story short, offered me money for $ex. WHEN WILL YOU A**HOLES REALIZE IM NOT A f***ING ESCORT OR H00KER!! f*** you all.”

“Ok. Need to get out of this hospital. They will only release me is someone comes to get me. Who is near Stony Brook who can come, sign me out, and GET ME OUT OF HERE NOW!!!”

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